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By Mir
June 27, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you’re still rocking Amazon Prime, now’s a good time to pick up some more rechargeable batteries. Specifically, it’s a good time to nab this Sony Cycle Energy Recharger and AA batteries, currently just $4.99 with free shipping if you have Prime.

That’s less than you’d pay for just the batteries, normally, plus you get another charger. Which is handy if you have children with selective blindness, who claim they didn’t charge the batteries because they “couldn’t find” the charger that’s in the same place it always is. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.


  1. wow. only 8 minutes later and the price has almost doubled.

  2. Hmmm…I’m showing a price of $8.18.

    Still not a bad price, I suppose, to get us into the world of rechargeable batteries (why I haven’t done this yet is beyond me!).

  3. Boo – It’s up to $11.58. Ah well – next time. 🙂

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