Heal and pamper, naturally

By Mir
June 27, 2011
Category Contests

How about another chance to win something awesome? Okay! Don’t mind if I do!

Today we have a really neat offering for anyone who likes all-natural beauty products and wants a bit of self-pampering. (And, um, that should be everyone. Who doesn’t like being pampered??) So Mary, the owner of Heal My Sole, contacted me to see if I’d like to do a giveaway of her products. It turns out that her products are all made from yummy, natural ingredients and include things like foot scrub, lotions, and lip balms, so I said sure.

So here’s the deal: One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive a $40 shopping spree at Heal My Sole. Awesome, right? Right. Just leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, June 30th, 2011, telling me what product you’d buy first for a chance to win. (And don’t forget to check ’em out on Facebook, too!) I’ll pick a winner using the trusty random number generator, and possibly some foot scrub. (Just don’t ask me to explain that.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Wow, I’ve never been number 1 commenter before!! Pick me, I’m number 1! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh boy, could I use this one. Have been in a cast for 7 weeks and my feet are so dry!

  3. ooo! foot scrub! =)

  4. Lavender Crème.

  5. OOH, that’s a hard one – they all look lovely! It’s probably a toss up between the unscented lip balm and the cuticle creme. But then there’s…


  6. I would go for foot scrub first. I despise wearing shoes, so my feet are a slightly gnarly mess all summer.

  7. Hmm, it was a toss up between the bug spray and foot scrub but I think I’ll go with the latter. I love going shoeless but it sure makes my feet all scuzzy.

  8. Ooo! I would start with a bug spray (hate traditional bug sprays with all those chemicals, so I’m always looking for good natural ones), tea tree oil lotion, and perhaps a personal spray? Everything looks great!

  9. Cool, natural bug spray! After tasting a non-natural bug spray in my food this past weekend, that sounds divine.

  10. Ooooh!! Lavender massage oil!!

  11. Foot scrub! My adorable (thrifted) sandals deserve better than yucky feet!

  12. Hard choice between the peppermint and the citrus foot scrubs! I’d definitely pick one of those and some awesome lotion to use afterwards.

  13. I buy only toiletries with natural ingredients, so this is a great contest! I would buy the bug spray because the ingredients lead me to believe it smells great, and finding all natural bug spray is a pain!

  14. I would buy the bug spray. Im in a constant search to find a non-chemical bug spray before my kids grow a third nipple.

  15. My poor feet could use some pampering!!

  16. I’d get the peppermint lip balm.

  17. I would pick the bug spray. We have a camp in the Adirondacks and the bugs up there can be NASTY!

  18. Oooh…I really like the concept of the Create Your Own items!! I’d do a Personalized Lotion in Vanilla, Grapefruit, and…hmm…possibly Ginger for the 3rd fragrance, I’d have to ponder that one a while!

  19. Meaning the Peppermint foot scrub! Didn’t know how to edit my first reponse!

  20. My tootsies need some lovin fast:)

  21. I think I’d have to go for lotsa flavors of lip balm!

  22. I think it would be a toss up between the bug spray and the foot scrub!

  23. I would try the bug spray first!

  24. This would do an unemployed gal’s soul (sole?) good.

  25. Oooooooh! I think I would pick the bug spray first!!

  26. While self-pampering sounds heavenly, the season of gluttonous mosquitoes is upon us. I’m always in the market for all natural bug spray.

  27. Almond lotion, yummmm! I like smelling like marzipan.

  28. Oh, I can’t decide! I think I might just have to try one of every lip balm, starting with the coconut lemongrass!

  29. I live in South Texas and it’s summer so the bugs are terrible here. Bug Spray to start me off, baby!

  30. Coconut lemongrass lip balm sounds good to me.

  31. The bug spray!! I am a mosquito magnet πŸ™

  32. Bug spray or lip balm?! So many wonderful choices!

  33. Sounds wonderful!

  34. oooh, I want a Massage Candle

  35. I would love that….since I was laid off I haven’t been able to have a pedicure and I really miss it a lot!

  36. The bug spray & lilac scented everything. πŸ˜‰

  37. Foot Scrub – most def!

  38. Bug spray for sure, and I’m a bit of a lip balm addict, so….Pick me! πŸ™‚

  39. totally want to try this line..

  40. Oh the foot scrub is necessary. I can’t find anything to keep my heals soft!

  41. Ohh so many choices! I’d either buy the CITRUS FOOT SCRUB or the BUG SPRAY!

  42. I will take one…or maybe 5 lip balms to replace all the ones I have either sent with my kid to school or miscellaneously lost myself!!

  43. The first thing I would get is the Cucumber Melon Lotion!

  44. I am torn between the Cuticle Créme and the Foot Scrub. Both areas on me need some major help!!

  45. I agree with number 7 – I really NEED the foot scrub :>}

  46. Oooh – nifty! Thanks Mir and Mary – you’re both so very pretty.

  47. Lots to pick from, but I think i would pick bug spray!

  48. The stupid humidity has caused my adult acne to flar out of control, so I’d probably head for the tea tree oil or tea tree lotion!

  49. I’d get the foot scrub, either citrus or peppermint. They look lovely!

  50. Bug spray and lip balm. Thank you!

  51. Cuticle cream for me!

  52. pick me! pick me!

  53. I would definitely go for the cuticle cream first with a home manicure. The lavender creme looks great also. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I would get that citrus foot scrub! It seems like I only see peppermint out there, and I don’t want my feet smelling like a candy cane.

  55. Peppermint foot scrub. Definitely some peppermint foot scrub.

  56. Shoot, I didn’t remember to put in my comment there that I would get the foot scrub for sure.

  57. Awesome giveaway!!

  58. Pregnant feet here!!!

  59. I’d get some essential oils!

  60. Yuzu lotion!

  61. Boy, could I use that foot scrub!

  62. This looks great!

  63. Foot scrub!

  64. OOOOOH, fingers crossed for this one!!!

  65. My heals need this badly!

  66. Oooh, I love the natural things! With ingredients you can actually pronounce! I would first try the Lavender cream. I love that smell.

  67. Ooooo, I love the idea of the almond lotion. I love almonds. But I think in reality I would go for the coconut lemongrass lip balm. Because that’s what I would use!

  68. The peppermint foot scrub, the bug spray and the lip balm. You did say your first *order* right? πŸ˜‰

  69. Bug spray for me. I know…I’m way too pampered!

  70. I would love to try the bug spray.. My daughter and I are like magnets for bug bites. It would be nice to try something natural.

  71. I would have to have the coconut lemongrass lip balm and some bug spray. . .


  72. Sounds like I could have a great gift for my mother-in-law this year.

  73. I would buy the foot scrub. two jars, and give one to my mama. and then some bug spray.

  74. I would really like to win just one time

  75. Foot scrub! Then the bug spray! Then the lip balm….

  76. Pick me number generator!!

  77. Lip balm. I’m kinda boring that way.

    Thank you!

  78. sounds good!

  79. Massage oil and make my husband give me one = ).

  80. forgot to say I would get the foot scrub

  81. I’m retarded and forgot to put what I would get… foot scrub for sure as summer is here! Not trying to enter 2x, just forgot to put my comment on the first one = )

  82. foot scrub!!!!

  83. lip balm or cucumber melon lotion

  84. Foot foot foot scrub!

  85. Peppermint foot scrub!!

  86. I would for sure get the citrus foot scrub. My feet totally thank you!

  87. I’d buy the vanilla lip balm 1st!

  88. bug spray. we live in the Midwest. Need I say more.

  89. I’d definitely start with the foot scrub! I need sandal-worthy feet!

  90. Oh, my. Foot scrub all the way! Summer is in full swing and my feet are not fit for my strappy sandals!

  91. One of everything that smells like almonds.

  92. Go ahead…..pamper me!

  93. Foot scrub:). Lobe the name of the company!

  94. great, hope I am lucky and win this

  95. The peppermint foot scrub sounds like just what I need. My feet have spent too much time in flip flops lately, not a pretty sight.

  96. I would buy the bug spray first, since it’s all natural, and my whole family could use it – including the baby!

  97. Definately the bug spray. We desperately need some that I don’t feel guilty about spraying all over my children!

  98. AWESOME!!! The first thing I would buy is the Lavendar Creme :o)

  99. I need the foot scrub! Ugly old runner’s feet!

  100. Foot scrub! My feet need some pampering before I can wear my flip flops!

  101. Oh how I would love this. Here in the desert and it’s broiling hot with zero humidity. Makes for sad, dry scorched skin.

  102. I would love to get some lavender creme.

  103. Oooh, yummy natural stuff. Want!

  104. That foot scrub is calling my name!

  105. foot scrub sounds wonderful

  106. Patchouli lotion, or maybe the lavender creme. I have a hard time picking just one!

  107. oh my sole could use some healing……

  108. Sounds like a beautiful prize!!!!

  109. citrus foot scrub

  110. I’d definitely try the bug spray first- in addition to loving the idea of a natural bug spray, all of the essential oils included sound like something I’d wear as perfume, so win-win!

  111. I would try the citrus foot scrub. My feet need help and I love citrus smelling stuff.

  112. The peppermint foot scrub sounds heavenly. What a way to rejuvenate my feet after a long day at work!

  113. Must have bug spray – heading back to mosquito-ville in 3w!

  114. Count me in!

  115. I’d love to have some all-natural foot scrub! I’ve never owned any, and my poor feet know it.

  116. Lovely giveaway!

  117. Cucumber-Melon lotion or the Teatree lotion!

  118. would luv it

  119. The bug spray for sure! (I’m in Texas)

  120. Bug spray for my son and hubby!

  121. I would start with the bug spray. I cringe every time I have to spray the “typical” bug spray on my children!

  122. I would hit up the essential oils, the lemongrass one sounds especially intriguing….

  123. Positively dreamy…

  124. always looking for products like this for my little one!

  125. This stuff looks really great.

  126. Peppermint foot scrub, with the bug spray a very close second.

  127. I would go with the Citrus Foot Scrub. That would feel soooo good on my tired feet right now!!

  128. So hard to choose just one…. probably the lavender creme to start with. They all sound great though. Thanks!

  129. Ooooh, apple lip balm? Yes! (I am addicted to handmade lip balms, I think.)

    Also, I changed my email address, so don’t think I’m a weirdo who is emailing from different addresses. I’m only entering once, I swear! (I’m normally n&j, but with names substituted in there, at gmail, if that helps. I’ll be using this one now, as long as I can remember this thing.)

  130. Bug spray or massage oil. Can’t decide.

  131. lavender massage oil yummmmmm

  132. Foot scrub!

  133. Definitely the foot scrub!

  134. I would love to try the bug spray! Well, actually just about everything else too, but the natural bug spray sounds fabulous!

  135. I don’t know what I’d choose but I think the citrus foot scrub, maybe the ginger or cucumber lemon lotion- so many fabulous choices!!

  136. Summer time means rough feet! I would get the foot scrub!

  137. Foot scrub for me!

  138. Yes please!

  139. What a great place, thanks for sharing! I would get the lavender essential oil first then the tea tree lotion then the bug spray then the foot scrub! Do I get a better chance to win if I tell you my birthday is in a few weeks and that you are so VERY pretty?!! Probably not but it was worth a shot.

  140. Wow, $40 could go a long way there! I’d go with the almond lotion and almond massage oil first. Thanks!

  141. Definitely the peppermint foot scrub!

  142. I would like to try the facial steaming herbs.

  143. Yum!

  144. Ooh! Natural bug spray, cuticle creme, massage oil. But, really, I want it all! And the prices are so reasonable!

  145. I would love to try the all-natural bug spray. The mosquitos around here are killer, but I am kind of afraid of bug spray.

  146. Would definitely go with the peppermint foot scrub! what a refreshing treat after my feet are hot and swollen in high heels all day!!

  147. Peppermint foot scrub for sure! Or maybe the vanilla lip balm. Or the cuticle cream. Or… nah, has to be the peppermint foot scrub!

  148. I’d be going for the lavendar…anything!

  149. Foot scrub and massage oil. Gotta keep the fiance’s hands busy. πŸ™‚

  150. I would love to try her stuff!

  151. Thanks!

  152. I’d love to try the bug spray!

  153. So hard to choose. I’m a lip balm person myself . . . coconut lemongrass lip balm. Then on to the lotions!

  154. Just in time for summer!!!

  155. So many choices, but I think I would go for the peppermint foot scrub first and then the bug spray. Both summer essentials!

  156. I live in NE Arkansas where we grow the LARGEST mosquitoes known to man….I would really LOVE to try the Bug Spray. But, with $40 to spend there are so many additional options as well!

  157. nice!

  158. oooh! citrus foot scrub. i’m a sucker for a foot scrub.

  159. Lots of products sound wonderfully tempting, but I would start with the peppermint foot scrub.

  160. sounds great!

  161. I am in need of some more massage oil, so that would be my first purchase. But those lip balms look fantastic for the cold northern winters.

  162. I would get the “Bridal Bucket”…but not for a bride. I’ve got a couple friends moving houses this summer, and it looks like a great “pamper-me bucket” for exhausted post move pals.

  163. peppermint foot scrub!!

  164. sounds awesome

  165. I would love love love to win this prize!

  166. Ooooh… I would so love to treat myself to a pedicure…

  167. Just came back in from walking thru the woods with Zach..can you guess what I’d go for?
    Yup, the bug spray…good guess

  168. We’re going to camp…..definitely the bug spray!!

  169. Great prize! Please pick me!

  170. Definitely the foot scrub . . . citrus please!!

  171. This looks lovely!

  172. Hard to choose but the bug spray looks good!

  173. My Tween would love some of the groovy all natural bug spray at Camp! Thanks Mir!!

  174. “Oh how I mist you!” Seriously, the greatest product name ever!!!

  175. My first purchase would be one of the fragrance sprays, probably lilac. However, “Disinfecting” also sounds like a heavenly scent.

  176. Foot scrub if I had someone who would massage my feet while I eat bon bons and watch TV. But since that’s not happening, probably some Tea Tree Oil, or something lavendery. That’s a word, right? Lavendery???

  177. citrus foot scrub for my hobbit feet πŸ™‚ (p.s. you’re welcome)

  178. peppermint foot scrub!! my feet are in desperate need of some lovin’….

  179. The first thing I would buy is the peppermint foot scrub. The bug spray and cuticle cream would be next.

    Thanks for another great contest!

  180. Peppermint foot scrub!

  181. I’d be all over the lotions.

  182. One of the foot scrubs.. not sure which one though.

    Thanks pretty!

  183. Citrus foot scrub for sure!!!!

  184. Come on RNG!

  185. Ha cha cha — this would be great! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  186. peppermint foot scrub for my tootsies please πŸ™‚

  187. Count me in!! I’m up for a foot scrub, and mint is my favorite. Maybe I could learn to make that with the prolific mint plants in my yard….

  188. Citrus Foot Scrub πŸ™‚

  189. Yikes! I almost let it get away. Thanks, Mir, you’re so pretty.

  190. Peppermint foot scrub, oh my yes.

  191. grapefruit lotion and then some lip balm too!

  192. peppermint foot scrub looks great! Thanks.

  193. Ooh, I’d totally start with the peppermint foot scrub!

  194. foot scrub, essential oils, massage oil I’m game they all sound good.

  195. Me! I would love this!

  196. Yuzu lotion. πŸ™‚

  197. oh, this would be nice πŸ™‚

  198. Definitely the Almond Lotion, followed closely by many other options! πŸ™‚

  199. foot scrub!

  200. The foot scrub for me. I hate having those dry heels in the summer!!

  201. mmmm, delicious lip balm!!

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