Extra savings at Old Navy today

By Mir
June 28, 2011

Oh, Old Navy. Don’t you love me, baby? Don’t I spent hundreds of dollars with you every year, buying my weed-like children clothing which they deem cool? Aren’t we tight? Don’t I matter to you, Old Navy?

Here’s the deal: Old Navy is offering a special savings coupon to users today. When I visited the site, I got coupon code ONSECRET20 for 20% off. But there’s also ONSECRET25 for 25% off. The catch here is that you can only use the code they give you—the 25% off code didn’t work for me, because it’s not the one they “gave” me. So maybe try refreshing a few times, or try different browsers. You can only use the coupon you get. (And hey, I’m not ungrateful about the 20% off code, I’d just rather have 25%. Obviously.)

Good luck! And, um, the code excludes Everyday Steals and uniforms, so I am starting to think Old Navy hates me, anyway.


  1. I just got 30% off. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Um…apparently there is a 30% off code, too! (ONSECRET30, naturally.) I just went to the site, and that’s what I got. Woo hoo! And…good luck!

  3. 30%!! Whoot.

  4. Oh no…Mir…I got 30% as well. We still think you’re pretty and look over there something shiny.

  5. I got 30 as well!

  6. woot! 30% off here too!

  7. I got 30% off, too, and omg you are so pretty and I love you because I need new jeans something fierce.

  8. 20% for me. Take *that* Old Navy. Just for that, I shall buy NOTHING.


  9. awesome news — stinks it doesn’t work on shorts and kids, tho! oh well, got me some capris instead… 🙂

  10. Oh man! I just ordered a HUGE maternity order yesterday with the 15. DANG IT

  11. Thanks, Mir. I didn’t read the comments before purchasing, but I did get the 25%. Tanks for me, and Thomas the Train shirt for baby. (Cause it was $3 more than paying for shipping.)

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