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By Mir
July 13, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m thinking this may be a price mistake, but still, I’m willing to give it a shot: Overstock is currently offering the Blu-ray Star Wars Complete Saga set for just $20.99. That’s episodes 1 through 6, for about $3/pop! (Amazon currently has this set available for preorder at $90.)

Mind you, this is a preorder, so if it’s truly a price mistake, orders may be canceled. But again, I may just be willing to chance it. What a crazy deal, if we get it.


  1. That’s crazy. I had a $20 credit at from a MasterCard promo which I had forgotten about. I got this for < $6 including tax and shipping. Husband's birthday=done! Thanks, Mir, you're sooooo pretty. Your hair looks amazing today. 😉

  2. Ordered 2! Hopefully we get them!!

  3. Dang it. I’m the last person on the planet without blueray.

  4. WOW! Incredible deal!! Just knocked off one gift for Christmas. Keeping fingers crossed that this isn’t a mistake that will be canceled!!!

  5. Grabbed 2 for the holidays. Thanks Mir!

  6. Thanks Mir – once again. I ordered it for my son-in-law and he is a very happy man – and not just because he is married to my daughter!

  7. Out of stock now. Bummer.

  8. Overstock has complete systems/bundles for Wii, Xbox & PS3 for under $15. All sold out now. Various other blu-rays/dvds are at bargain basement prices.There is some discussion on various forums on how this may be a big time mistake, so look out for those cancellation e-mails coming your way. Looks like O may be having some serious problems w/its pricing software – or a disgruntled employee…!

  9. Sold Out

  10. Wow what a great deal! I love the Star Wars Series!

  11. CRAP! It’s already sold out. I’m going to pretend that I never saw this, so I can’t be upset about it…. 🙂

  12. Sold out! Boo! We gave our set to friends (not blu-ray) who are missionaries in Africa. We wanted to replace it guess we’ll wait longer 🙂

  13. My husband ordered 2x Nintendo 3DS for $8 each. No idea what’s going on, and I’m curious to see how they deal with it 🙂

  14. Going by Overstock’s Twitter, it looks like they are indeed cancelling many (all?) of the orders for the ultra cheap stuff, as they were indeed priced in error. I guess if a deal sounds too good to be true…

  15. Yep, just got my cancellation email. Wah.

  16. yep, mine was cancelled too : (

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