Save 30% at Gap

By Mir
July 18, 2011

(Am I the only person who really wants to call it “the Gap” instead of just plain Gap? I blame the “fall into the Gap” commercials of my youth, and if you’re too young to have ever seen those, just ignore me.)

For the next couple of days, you can use coupon code GAP30 to take 30% off your purchase at Gap. The bad news is that it doesn’t apply to school uniforms, but the good news is that the school uniforms are currently already 30% off. (Hey, Gap? Do the words “needlessly complicated” mean anything to you…?)

I see this as an opportunity to pick up a little something-something for yourself while getting uniforms for the kids. Or whatever.


  1. oh Athleta, maybe some day….

  2. No, you are not alone in hearing “Fall into The Gap” playing in an infinite loop. I also remember my first purchase from The Gap circa 1974. Pair if maroon Levi’s with a matching Maroon Levi Jacket. Because back in the day, The Gap only sold Levi’s. I’d find a pic of me in that ensemble and send it to ya, but it’s on a Kodachrome slide.

  3. I call it The Gap, too! And I am definitely old enough to have seen those “fall into The Gap” commercials!

  4. Now I have Paul Simon’s song stuck in my head…lol

  5. I see your “Fall into the Gap” commercial and raise you a Haw Haw Lee-hee-hee-hee-hee-vi’s commercial.

    Interesting (and slightly appalling note): My dad was a musician and did a lot of “session” work back in the 70’s. He is actually playing guitar on this one, and if I recall correctly, he had something to do with the arrangement, as well. *cringe*

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