Stock up on first aid

By Mir
July 18, 2011
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Whether you’re truly accident prone or just have one of those kids who needs a band-aid for every invisible injury, check out this 280-piece variety Band-Aid pack at Amazon—applying coupon code WNDCRJUL and buying via Subscribe & Save brings it down to under $10 shipped.

As someone who truly is accident prone, I am looking forward to having something in the house that doesn’t have Hello Kitty or Bob the Builder on it to dress my wounds. (Yes, my kids are older. It’s possible we have a lot of leftover band-aids from when they were younger. Hush.)


  1. I was very amused to provide a Dora band aid to a male colleague at work this past year! Maybe I should get this…

  2. Thank God. My daughter is going through a phase (9 years now) of needing a bandaid for every scratch real or perceived. I don’t know what will kill me first, the cost or finding the little white half circle wrappers everywhere.

  3. Wow! I bought some! A mom can never have too many bandaids!!

  4. I have a box of these I received for free from my husband’s company picnic – they didn’t need them, so passed them on to him. That was several years ago, and I am now just about out of them. They are great! Good variety of sizes that are useful for anything you need.

  5. Hahaha, my husband will be most appreciative of this, after this weekend’s ten-minute search for a band-aid that wasn’t covered in princesses or pets. 😛

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