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By Mir
July 20, 2011

I’m torn, folks. I mean, on the one hand, I think that this Amazon 3D HDTV bundle deal is probably an excellent value—buy the Vizio television (which is about $100 cheaper than anyone else currently has it), and get two pairs of 3D glasses to use with it for free (a $125 value). Truly, this is a reasonable deal on hot new technology.

But… I’ve got to say, I have zero desire for a 3D television. None. When I take the kids to see a 3D movie, I always feel vaguely seasick, afterward. I don’t feel like being able to see something coming directly at my head enhances my user experience, either.

The commercials would have us believe that consumers are flocking to this new technology, but I don’t know anyone who’s running out to go 3D. What do you think?


  1. Certainly not me. I feel the same way. I think 3D TV is a fad that does not have staying power.

  2. We went out of our way to see HP 7.2 in 2D. I’m with you. No desire.

  3. I know some people who like it, but that is at the theater and I think there is a big difference between that big screen and the one you have at home. Personally, I am with you – not a fan of 3D. I will say that 3D IMAX can be cool, but not just regular 3D. Gives me a headache, and I find it difficult to get the 3D glasses positioned right over my regular glasses.

  4. I’m with you. My hubby came home the other day talking about how “cool” the 3D tv’s are. I informed Inspector Gadget that he should just get that right out of his head. NO. WAY. am I putting a 3D tv in my house.

    Plus, it’s actually not good for your eyes. And even worse for kids. Nintendo had to put a warning on their new 3D DS just for that reason.

  5. Totally agree with you. And probably many, many, many other people agree with you, thus it being such a good deal. I do too many other things while watching TV. I have no desire to sit there with those glasses on and being stuck just staring at the screen. TV just isn’t that good! 🙂

  6. My thought is if I wanted to see something in 3D, I’d just go outside. Life itself is 3D.

  7. I won’t even go see a 3-D movie if I can help it.

  8. Uh-uh. I hate 3-D movies, so I certainly wouldn’t put a 3-D TV in my house. If I wanted to watch something with a plot that’s in 3-D, I’ll go watch a good play. (Why do we try to so hard to simulate real life instead of just living it?)

    I’ve been hearing that people aren’t buying them much, because they don’t want to have to wear accessories while they watch television. (It’s in the 90s here without including the heat index, and we don’t have air conditioning. I don’t want anything else on my that doesn’t need to be there, thank you very much!)

  9. No desire myself. But my kid has already been so corrupted that at our town’s fireworks show, she said it would be REALLY cool if it were in 3D. 😮

    I think that until they invent a cheap way to do it WITHOUT having to put on any goofy, headache-inducing glasses or whatever, it’ll be a passing fad.

  10. No 3D here either. I don’t like it in theaters, so there’s no way I want it in my house. The glasses give me a headache, and they never fit me right, so I’ve always got double vision wearing them, not clear.

  11. The Blair Witch Project and IMAX make me want to lie down on the floor so everything will stop spinning – my churning stomach included – no way am I going to tempt fate and try 3D!

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