Color with rainbows

By Mir
July 25, 2011

A shameful confession: I am sort of a sucker for As Seen on TV products. Not that I buy them, but I often see them and find myself intrigued. (Except for the fake-grass-on-a-tray potty station for dogs. That’s just nasty.)

But I kind of love today’s Kids.Woot—it’s a 3-pack of RainbowBrush kits, and this is the sort of things my kids went absolutely bonkers for when they were smaller. (Remember Blendy Pens? I thought they were going to stroke out when Grandma sent them some of those.) Anyway, grab three complete sets today for just $8 shipped. For comparison: Amazon has just one set for $11. I’d say this is the better deal.

Remember that shipping doesn’t change if you buy multiples, too. These would be awesome birthday party favors instead of bags of random plastic junk. Just sayin’.


  1. Sweet! Thanks so much! My girls LOVE arts and crafts, so I bought 3 sets. Great to stash away for rainy days or days like today (or the last week) when it is close to 100 degrees. 🙂

  2. holy moly! SOLD OUT!

  3. Phooey, those sold out fast! And I need good party favors in a couple of weeks. 🙁

  4. Dayum, Gina, they’re all gone!

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