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By Mir
July 25, 2011

Today’s Target Daily Deals are all about the toys, but my personal favorite is the deal on the PlasmaCar (37% off, so now just $38 shipped).

If you’ve never played on a PlasmaCar, they’re magic. Well, okay, probably there’s a perfectly logical scientific explanation for why turning the steering wheel back and forth makes it go, but I prefer to believe it runs on fairy power. Also? Although they’re for ages 3+, they hold up to 220 pounds apiece, and if you think the adults don’t steal them from the kids and have races down the driveway now and then, well, um, I can neither confirm nor deny that that’s happened at my house. Recently. (Yes, my 11 and 13-year-olds still play with ours.)

If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s other cool toys, too. But trust me: Go for the PlasmaCars.


  1. Plasma Cars ARE big fun!

  2. gone.

  3. gone, dang, I wanted one… or the boy wanted one

  4. thanks mir! i was bummed when i missed out at amazon last christmas, so i am going to hope i can sneak in on the next good deal on these things! My kids love the hot wheels thing i got last year at christmas too! you rock!

  5. Sold out grrr

  6. These are the times I hate being on the west coast. Not even 8 am (over here) and gone! 🙁

  7. All gone. 🙁

  8. Amazon still has a few of the Orange ones at $38 and the red for $42.

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