And speaking of babies…

By Mir
July 26, 2011

… I’ve got your deal on wee, teeny-tiny newborn diapers right here.

Caveat, for the uninitiated: I do not recommend stocking up on newborn size diapers ahead of time. A lot of babies outgrow them fast, and some never really fit into them at all. What newborn diapers are great for is small/preemie babies who really get swallowed up in the bigger diapers. That said, if you need the little diapers:

Amazon currently has newborn size “Little Snugglers” Huggies for $19.48/case. That comes down to just $13.64/case when you buy via Subscribe & Save and if you’re a member of Amazon Mom, and also there’s a $2 coupon to clip if coupons are available to you. That’s 84 diapers for just $11.64 shipped! A great deal if you need ’em.

Er, if your baby needs them. I don’t think they’ll fit you. Or that you need diapers.

Shutting up, now.


  1. Would a local NICU appreciate a donation? Or a family in town with preemie twins? Here’s your chance to get a deal and make a difference.

  2. Ha! I just ordered these for my soon-to-be 4-year-old. She loves changing her babies’ diapers and this will make a great addition to her bday present next month of a new babydoll!

  3. Thanks, Mir!! Our church nursery is collecting Newborn & Size 1s for tornado relief here. It’s great to get $20 worth of diapers for $12!!

  4. This is perfect! Our neighbors just had a preemie and I was looking for something practical to give as a token gift. Slap a bow on it!

  5. Shoot! We just moved up to size 3. Where do I find the coupons? Maybe it will still work! I LOVE diapers from Amazon and have bought them from the beginning thank to you, Mir!

  6. I found it and it did work on the next size! Brought them under .16 a piece. My baby girl will be so happy to have the premium diapers this month!

  7. Yep, the coupon was there for the size 4 Snug & Dry that I buy, making my case of 140 only $20. Thanks for the coupon heads-up Mir!

  8. Thanks Mir! I am expecting another baby here in a few weeks and cheap diapers are awesome.

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