A clean mouth is a happy mouth

By Mir
August 8, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We’re big on oral hygiene, ’round here. Let’s pretend that has nothing to do with protecting the investment we’ve made in braces for my ungrateful children, but instead is just because I know and value how important it is to your overall health. Yeah, that’s it.

So I’m digging this Amazon special on select Listerine, Rembrandt, and Reach products right now. Save 15% and get free shipping when you buy via Subscribe & Save, as always, but save another 15% with coupon code ORLCREAU, too. Code may only be used once per account, so choose carefully.

We generally use the discount on mouthwash. Sometimes I wonder if my kids are bathing in it. (Or… using it instead of brushing their teeth. Probably best not to think too hard on this one.)

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  1. The amount they say to use is so small, I always wind up using more mouthwash than I mean to. What’s the point if you’re not sloshing as you swish? 🙂

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