Quality kids’ shoes for back-to-school

By Mir
August 10, 2011

You know I’m all about saving money on stuff for the kids—they outgrow it so quickly, it seems silly to “invest”—but there are some areas in which I just refuse to skimp. Shoes are one of those; I don’t cheap out on shoes, I just find good shoes for cheap. (There’s a difference. A few years of buying lower-quality shoes showed me the light.) (My caveat: I don’t care too much if their fancy shoes are less than perfect. There’s a big difference between sitting in church for an hour and running around in gym.)

So, with that in mind: Check out Olly for some of the hottest brands for kids. They carry everything from boutique brands like Lelli Kelly to Nike and Adidas. And then… through August 15th, you can use coupon code BTS25 for 25% off your order. It works on everything, even sale items.

And just like that, you’re getting those expensive shoes the kids want for a price you can stomach. Sweet.


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