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By Mir
August 15, 2011

I have a deal and a maybe-a-deal-depending for you, today.

The deal is on the LEGO Space Center, currently 30% at $39 whoops, $49 (note to self: don’t post before coffee) at Amazon. True brick devotees know that as the holidays near I am flooded with requests for “cheap LEGO” and the reality is that the bigger/more popular sets rarely go below 30% off or so. (We’ll often see smaller/older sets make it to 50% off, but not usually on bigger sets.) Anyway, if you have a kid who’s a space freak, this is a pretty darn good price for this one.

The maybe-a-deal-depending is on this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, which you’ll see Amazon has at the current MSRP of $40. So, no, it’s not marked down. However, I can pretty much guarantee you that this limited-edition set will be impossible to find closer to Christmas, and if you look in the “more buying choices” sidebar you’ll see that plenty of outlets have already jacked up the price because this set is considered extremely collectable. (It does include Yoda in a Santa suit, after all….) If this is something your kid (or you; I don’t judge) must have, I’d snap it up now.

And if you’re truly devious, buy a couple and put them on eBay in November. People become insane about this stuff and you’ll likely make some extra stocking stuffer money.


  1. The Space Center is back up to $48.99 already 🙁

  2. The link you have gives a price of $48.99. It does read as 30% off of $69.99 (plus eligible for free shipping with prime) which still a good price since Lego itself sells it at the $69.99 price, but a bit of a letdown after clicking through your post expecting to see $39.00.
    I still got it. 🙂

  3. Oh man. The advent calendar is expensive…but for a momma who loves lego and star wars it is almost irresistible. Thanks, Mir!

  4. Always torn. All they want is Lego, but really, the room is running out of space. I don’ really want more of the stuff in our house. What to do… what to do?

  5. Thanks for the heads up Mir! My son was supposed to tell me as soon as the advent calendars were available (since we missed out last year). He is slacking off, so I guess now I will have to pretend he isn’t getting one.

  6. Eeek! Star Wars Advent Calendar. That has my son written all over it! Thank you Santa Mir. 🙂

  7. Their advent calendars are the best and totally worth the money. You’re essentially getting 24 mini sets for that price. Last year they put out 2 different calendars (Castle and City) and by the time my son decided he wanted the castle one, they were impossible to find. I’m ordering this Star Wars one today!
    Thank you thank you!!

  8. OMG, that advent calendar is awesome. We have missed out the last two years (actually had one two years ago, we bought at Legoland, and then left in the parking lot while dealing with a puking child) No one was happy when we got home and discovered it was gone. And it was too late to get another. So, this one is bought and hopeully will be hidden before boy sees it.

  9. If I didn’t already have an advent calendar for my son (Thanks, Playmobil clearance in February!), I’d snap this up. I don’t know if you remember that they had some of the City ones in January 2009 on clearance and you posted the deal. They were $3.25 each. It may have been my best deal ever. All thanks to pretty, pretty Mir. 😀

  10. Dang it Mir, I have to quit you. Yoda in a Santa suit. Even my husband likes this set!!

  11. i love you Mir, you are so pretty! you just made my 6 yr old’s Christmas and he doesn’t even know yet! he will go over the moon for this.

  12. totally ticked i didn’t grab last night,,,, no longer available,
    keep your eyes peeled for me please pretty lady!
    this back to school nonsense is interfering with my shopping!

  13. Thank you so much for the heads up on the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. I picked up 2 at the price you have listed. Now Amazon has them at $54.98! (And only 3 left at THAT price.)

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