For your budding Design Star

By Mir
August 18, 2011

If I had little ones, I would be all over today’s deal at Kids.Woot, which is a Discovery Kids Color Me Playhouse. What’s more fun than a fort? A fort you get to color yourself!

The Kids.Woot price today is just $15 plus $5 shipping, which I would probably offset by buying an extra or two. For reference, this bad boy usually goes for around $30, which is still its current price over at Amazon.

Alternatively, you can toss a random cardboard box and a set of markers at your kid. Lord knows I did that. But I suspect you’re nicer than I am.


  1. Just visited the grandparents and they got one of these for the kids since they don’t have any toys really. Kids LOVED it. After we left they folded it back up into its box for storage til the next visit.

  2. We love these. We used one during the ice storm last year as entertainment and had a castle version for the princess birthday still in our playroom. I love that at the end you can recycle it and then get another one after awhile and its new & different again.

  3. Aw, it’s sold out already. My kids played with this at a friend’s house last winter, and they wanted one SO BADLY afterwards.

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