And here’s some Keens for the kids

By Mir
August 22, 2011

More shoes? Why not! Right now at Shoemall they’ve got a deal going where the purchase of an Keen brand shoes gets you a free Keen backpack ($40 value). I’m seeing kids’ clearance sandals in the $23ish range, which is a decent price on Keen to begin with, and then you get the bag for free, too.

Use coupon code KEENBOYS for a green bag and code KEENGIRLS for a pink one. I love Keen so much, I’m even going to give them a pass on this bit of gender stereotyping.

If you don’t need a backpack, well, maybe if you were shopping anyway you’d pick one up and then donate it. Plenty of kids are going to be needing backpacks, and how cool would it be to donate a really nice quality one instead of the Big Box Store leftovers? Exactly.


  1. You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas of shoe stores that have narrow sizes for women, would you? My 12 year old daughter needs like a 4 1/2 or 5 narrow. She REALLY wants ballet flats like all her friends are wearing. I have searched stores and internet and can only find 6 narrow or little girl, Maryjane-ish shoes, which she has been wearing, but they really cramp her 7th grade style. She has been a pretty good sport about it, so I am even willing to pay more than my cheapskate self would normally pay for shoes that will be outgrown in a year or less.
    Thanks for any tips!

  2. Thanks, Sabrina. She is pretty narrow, though. We can get buy with shoes that run narrow if they tie or have a strap, but not if they don’t. Send her growing vibes. She will have lots more options when she gets to a size 6. She is a tiny little 7th grader. She was hoping to get to 70 pounds before school started. She has 1 pound to go before next week.

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