Fido and Fluffy will thank you

By Mir
August 22, 2011
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Longtime readers know I’m something of a fanatic when it comes to food for both my kids and my dog. I know a lot of folks are happy with cheap dog food, but as someone who adopted a dog who was in poor health due to food allergies, I’m willing to shell out a little more to keep her happy and healthy.

(Nowadays, her coat is so shiny! Her skin smooth and un-itchy! Her walk so springy! Her life so incredibly spoiled!)

Today only, PerCareRx is shipping pet food orders of $35+ (and less than 35 lbs) for free, even though food is usually excluded from their shipping specials.

All varieties of Taste of the Wild dog food (including our current favorite) are already discounted, so with the free shipping it’s a great deal on a premium 6-star food. And there’s very little I like more than a deal on dog food where I don’t have to lug the bag home myself.

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  1. Ohhh. We have a pug who has some dry skin issues….allergies maybe? Do your dogs do well on TOTW? Just thinking about trying that….

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