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By Mir
August 22, 2011
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Just this weekend I was saying to my husband that what we really need out by the pool are those old-style vinyl strap chaise lounges that leave stripes all over your skin when you get up. He wanted to know why I want those; they’re not particularly comfortable, or anything. I said it’s because they’re what I remember from the pools of my youth.

When it comes time to actually plunk down cash, though, I’m all about the anti-gravity recliners. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt gravity truly retreat, but man, these are the most comfortable outdoor chairs we’ve ever had. I’m not telling how many naps I’ve had in ours, but suffice it to say they’re comfy.

The Sears Deal of the Day today is one of these so-called leisure loungers with a canopy (much fancier than the ones I own). They’re just $45, and ship for free if you have ShipVantage, or you can pick ’em up at your local store.

But if you’d rather have the sticky, uncomfortable vinyl straps that leave the backs of your thighs all stripy, I understand. Sort of.


  1. This is a good deal. . . but, I did find teh same chair for $38 last week at BB&B. May not be the same brand, but it’s got the canopy and pillow and looks like the same color too. These chairs are usually around $100!

  2. Thanks so much – we bought two and picked them up later the same day!! Lovely and very comfy. And totally nappable (yes that is too a word!)

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