What’s cookin’, good-lookin’?

By Mir
August 23, 2011

Want to make everyone think you’re an awesome cook? Wear a pretty apron. It works every time. It’s some weird little mind-bending thing where your guests see you slaving away in something pretty, and they’re primed for your food to be delicious.

That’s why I love Flirty Aprons, but they only have sales and specials occasionally. (Boo!) Today you can snag a $30 Groupon to Flirty Aprons for just $15 out-of-pocket, though. Then you can look fancy for less, and your food will taste even more delicious.

[Disclaimer: Buying an apron may not actually make your food taste more delicious. I am somewhat prone to hyperbole. But it’s worth trying, right?]

1 Comment

  1. Thanks, Mir! I grabbed one to get my mama a sweet birthday apron. She’ll love it.

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