Hey kid, learn to love your letters

By Mir
August 24, 2011

I’m loving today’s Kids.Woot deal—it’s three different alphabet-themed sets from Melissa and Doug for just about $30 shipped, or about 40% off the regular price if you bought the pieces separately.

Would I be above buying this set, then breaking it up for three separate gifts for the little ones I love? No, I would not. What you do with them is your own business, of course.


  1. Gift closet! (Or, in my case, gift pile under-the-ping-pong-table!)

  2. This is a great deal, and I want to put in a plug for the alphabet stamps. I gave these to my 6-year-old last winter, and they were an instant hit. He uses them all the time for printing little stories, and they’re a great incentive for making birthday and thank you cards. (I remember using a similar product as a child for making family/neighborhood newspapers.) I’ve given them as gifts several times to other children his age and always get great reviews from their parents.

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