Pottery Barn for the rest of us

By Mir
August 24, 2011

Like many of you, I suspect, I love to look around at Pottery Barn and PB Kids and drool over just about everything. But then I look at the prices and I go into cardiac arrest and I end up never buying anything, on account of I need some money left over to pay the mortgage. Ahem.

But the good news is that they often have pretty good sales. Like right now—PB Kids is having a Gear and Accessories Sale, and most of the sale stuff ships for free. Check out the hot/cold food containers in various adorable patterns. These containers are usually $19 + shipping (you know, for packing your kid macaroni and gold flakes, I guess), but right now they’re a much more reasonable $7.99 and ship for free.

And that’s good news, because we’re all out of gold flakes.


  1. Thanks Mir! I’ve been looking for a hot/cold food container for my son but have been to cheap to buy one for $15+. This is perfect and he will love the pirate one!

  2. Several years ago, I was looking thru a Pottery Barn at some furniture. I was thinking “Well, that is pretty expensive but it does look like really high quality and if I saved up I might be able to afford something.” It took me a few minutes to realize that the prices I was looking at were for a line of DOLL furniture! No wonder the prices seemed relatively affordable, even if still out of my immediate price range!

  3. Awesome, thanks! Just picked up 2 hot/cold containers!

  4. All I can find is the $19 containers with free ship. Where are the $7.99 ones??

  5. Of all things to buy at PB Kids, I just picked up 2 cheap Lego sets for Xmas presents – thanks!

  6. Kristen,

    They’re out of the boys’ designs and only have the blue polka dot design for girls. Search: “Girls’ hot/cold containers” and they’ll pop up.

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