Dining savings, early in the month

By Mir
September 5, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The way it usually goes with Restaurant.com is that the big coupon codes don’t happen until the end of the month. And really, most of the time that’s fine, but I’ve noticed that some of the restaurants work on quotas, which means they’re all sold out before you reach that 80% off coupon.

But this is your lucky day, because right now you can use coupon code RDCSALE to save 80% on your purchase, before certificates sell out for the month! That means you can snag $25 worth of dining for just a cool $2, which you probably have sitting in your dryer in change right now. (I’ll raise you a couple of hard candy wrappers, too, but I don’t think Restaurant.com accepts those as payment.) Do your shopping now, dine later, and enjoy the savings.


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