Find your perfect bag(s)

By Mir
September 5, 2011
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So I got an email last week from the nice folks at Mixed Bag Designs, wanting to know if I wanted to check our their products and possibly do a reader giveaway. “Oh,” I said to myself, “I wonder what kinds of bags they have….” The better question, it turns out, is what kind of bags don’t they have?

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns—all of them partially post-consumer and “eco-fabulous”—woven of strong polypropylene which can hold up to 50 pounds per bag. I was given an assortment of my choosing to check out, and so far my favorite hands down is the insulated grocery store bag I picked, both because it’s adorable and because it’s my new favorite sack for making sure my ice cream doesn’t melt on my way home from Publix. But I’m also loving the various Hold Everything totes and the Weekenders, both of which hold a ton but are themselves super-lightweight and can be folded up and stuffed in a closet or under a bed when not in use.

So. I tried ’em out, and I love ’em. I want to share them with you! So for this contest, three lucky Want Not readers are going to receive $75 gift codes for Mixed Bag Designs. And here’s possibly the best part: Mixed Bag items start at just $4, with most items in the $10-$20 range; that means your $75 goes pretty far.

Want to be one of the winners? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment telling me which Mixed Bag print is your favorite by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 for a chance to win. I’ll select our three winners via random number generation.

What are you waiting for? Check ’em out, then get your entry in!


  1. I love the black damask.

  2. peace and love for my daughters . . .

  3. Love the black daisy

  4. I’m so torn…I totally dig the poppy pattern, and yet the insulated bag looks SO practical for Florida. Good thing I could get both if I won! 🙂 (pick me, pick me)

  5. I love the blue flower and peace…

  6. I like the paisley large zip tote!

  7. I like the black daisy.

  8. I love the black vine print. also the zebra. also…okay, yeah. all of them. lol.

  9. I like the pansy design. 🙂

  10. Love those insulated grocery bags… I need a few… Stopping at several stores on my route to hit the grocery bargains means my groceries are in the car a bit longer than they should be.

  11. I like the pink/black insulated grocery bag…

  12. I love the black swirl. But I also love the pink plaid and bahama floral. And I’m totally in LOVE with the halloween prints. L.O.V.E.

  13. SWOON. Blue/Brown Flower is my favorite, though it was a close race among that, Blue Paisley, and English Stripe.

  14. I like them all! But forced to choose, I’d pick the navy & green stripe (because my practicality would win in the end).

  15. I like the aqua paisley best, I think. Tough choice!

  16. Does “I like them all” count? I guess if I absolutely had to pick, it would be the stripes. Or maybe the poppies. Or the damask….
    Crossing my fingers that I get picked, I could definitely use some new bags!!!!

  17. Wow, I like almost all of them, so pretty! I’d have to say that Red Poppy is my favorite though.

  18. I like the blue Provence print. Super cute!

  19. Awesome – awesome – awesome! Me please, please :>}

  20. I love the blue with the brown flower anything… pretty. =)

  21. I LOVE the black daisy duffle bag!

  22. The black damask is so pretty!

  23. I like them all…but I LOVE the damask print.

  24. Black swirl, please. Great for traveling!!

  25. Sorry – I missed the part (in bold print) that we have to say which is our fav – well gosh – I like them all!

  26. So awesome! I really like that Damask! I’m “classic” (read boring) like that, lol. Pick me!

  27. I love the pink plaid and the black rings are very pretty too! What a great giveaway!

  28. Love the insulated grocery bags!!! Pink/black!

  29. I like the blue/brown flower.

  30. I adore the “beach ball” print. What fun!

  31. I love the blue flower!

  32. Oooh! The blue-brown flower is gorgeous.

  33. Oooh, pretties from Pretty Mir! I love a lot of the prints. Probably the damask would be the best for my house. I am in lust with the Hold Everything…OMG – how perfect for my girls’ laundry basket for their new bedroom which happens to be a b/w! And with that much cashola, I could get that AND more stuff. Woot!!!

    Super dee duper!

  34. the blue brown flower!

  35. black damask for me too!!

  36. black stripe

  37. I love the pink plaid print! They have a lot of great styles, it would be hard to choose. Thanks for the great contest!

  38. Love the poppy design!

  39. Love the blue and brown flower pattern.

  40. damask. but I reserve the right to change my mind at any point!

  41. Oooh, baby – Bahama Floral makes me happy!

  42. Wow, these are amazing! My favorite is *either* the red daisy iPad case (for my new toy!), or the red plaid grocery bag. Thanks for the great contest – these are so cool!

  43. I really like the aqua paisley!

  44. Love those insulated grocery bags! The damask print is great!!

  45. looove the black daisy! I really want those zip pouches…

  46. i like the Dot and blue/brown flower.

  47. ohh groovy flower and damask.. and also black daisy.. I suck at making decisions!

  48. English stripe. Now pick me.

  49. I think the paisley…or the damask. LOVE all of these!!!

  50. Wow!! I love these. I am a sucker for totes. Love the damask, and the blossom patterns, but there are so many others that are so cute:)

  51. ooh, i like the english stripe. pretty!

  52. So many lovely prints. Red poppy!

  53. Ooh, black/grey striped followed closely by the skull and crossbones. Creepy me would like to tote groceries in a skull and crossbones bag.

  54. I love them all! But maybe Black Daisy a little more than the rest.

  55. Wow! Love the black daisy, among others.

  56. I’d love to get Skulls for my brother!

  57. The circles design is really fresh looking, and the poppies are gorgeous, and I love the stripes – oh, and the paisley! It’s hard to choose -they’ve done a great job with all of them!

  58. It’s too hard to choose! Black Daisy, Paisley… black swirl. I don’t know, I think they are all great!

  59. I’d SO go for that insulated bag! We live about 25 min from the grocery store so it would be wonderful to be able to get the groceries home w/o having soft ice cream!!

  60. English Stripe

  61. I like the pink and red daisy ones! 🙂

  62. I love the black and red daisy.

  63. Wow – there are probably 10 prints that I’d like! My top two are the red poppies and the sharks 🙂

  64. I love me the black daisy!

  65. I love the pink plaid print…and the red plaid. I also love that they have cammo and cars prints that my boys wouldn’t mind taking to school. I could have lots of fun here with a $75 gift code…and then some!

  66. Loving the English Stripe Insulated Grocery Store Bag – we live in the country, and I often worry about how my cold stuff is doing on the way home. Thanks for the chance!

  67. I like black daisy!

  68. Blossom!

  69. Boy, I sure could use the insulated bag!

  70. Vine is one I really like. Why do I love black and white things so much?!

  71. Tough to choose. I think like the bright and cheery English Stripe the best. What great stuff they have!

  72. red daisy laptop case! cute and $1,0000000000 cheaper than Timbuk2.

  73. The Navy and Green stripe!
    Or English Stripe!

  74. I’m digging the Red Poppy print – what fun!

  75. Red Poppies for sure!

  76. I love the Circles print!

  77. Stripes! We love stripes!

  78. Colorful stripes! And blue and silver zebra!

  79. I love the large zip tote bag in the blue/brown flower print!

  80. Black vine is my favorite!

  81. I like the black swirl best!

  82. I love the Blossom Weekender! Very fun prints!

  83. Paisley is my favorite!

  84. I love the English Stripe Cooler but they are all so pretty and I’d pick a huge variety.

  85. black daisy is my favorite!

  86. Love the blue/brow grocery bag.

  87. Love the blue/brown flower…what a great giveaway!

  88. Holy cow do they have a lot to pick from! I love the blue/brown flowers, and the English Stripe, and the blue paisley…I’ll stop there.

  89. Love the pink paisley!!

  90. Blue Provence would coordinate beautifully with my house, so if I happened to leave a cute bag sitting around, it will be not be unattractive!

  91. Purple flower!

  92. blue paisley!

  93. They are all great! Black Daisy is my favorite.

  94. The red poppy and any of the black and white, oh, I don’t know, so hard to choose!

  95. The black zebra print is pretty awesome, and I also love the large circles zip tote for bringing thins to and from school! 🙂

  96. I like the blue flower and peace best.

  97. I love the purple flower! These bags look great!

  98. I love the blue/brown flower print.

  99. Red daisy is lovely. Thanks Mir!

  100. Oooh! Pick me!

  101. i’m loving the blue/brown flower print!! what a neat site — thanks mir!

  102. I live Purple Flower!

  103. I have a different favorite depending on what the use is. Mostly I’m loving the Hold Everythings for the laundry room and I’d get them in Damask or Circles to go with my green and yellow checkerboard floor.

  104. Oh, these are delightful, and would also make fabulous knitting bags! My favorite print is Blue Paisley.

  105. Love the damask lunch tote.

  106. Blue paisley. Thanks!

  107. I can’t decide between Paisley and Blossom. I love nice reusable bags like these!

  108. Purple Witch! Having had a halloween baby who is now, um, older than you I’m pretty sure? As long as I’m dating myself, I really like the groovy flower pattern too.

  109. My favorite is the Red Poppy!

  110. Black daisy! 🙂

  111. I love the red daisy and pink leopard!

  112. Hmm….purple flower

  113. The pink plaid insullated grocery store bag is so cute, and would be perfect so my Mochis don’t melt on the way home from Trader Joes!

  114. I like the navy/green man bag. are girls allowed to like the man bag?

  115. My fave is the blue/brown flower print!

  116. I love the Black Zebra Weekender Tote!

  117. Red poppy.

  118. ALL of them. But if I have to say one, I say Groovy Flower!

  119. ooh cool, i’ll be NEEDING a new diaper bag that doesn’t look like one, soon.

  120. Damask Weekender Tote would be perfect for the gym. I have one of these in the large carry everything size and loved it as a beach/pool bag for the summer.

  121. Black daisy! And the polka dots! And the stripes! And the poppies!

    Black daisy if I have to pick just one.

  122. You’re cruel, Mir. Making us choose just one. Fortunately you’re making up for it with a gift that will let us buy all we want! I want a big, roomy tote *and* an insulated lunchbag.

  123. I love the pink and black plaid! The iphone cover is adorable!

  124. I bought the Blossom “department store” tote at my local grocery coop — LOVE IT. It is ginormous, it holds, everything, and I get compliments on it every time I use it in public. But I like the Pink Leopard even better!

  125. So many choices, Wow. Liking Damask a bunch. All so lovely.

  126. This would save me sewing up my own grocery bags, which is totally my plan….when I get done knitting my socks and making my own bedding. Shut it — I totally look Amish. 😉

  127. Damask!!!! love them all!

  128. Oooooohhh… damask, no blue-brown flower… no damask.. oh, do I have to choose? Ok.. fine.. damask.

  129. I love the blue/brown flower motif, but my son is really digging the skull-themed lunch tote.

  130. I really like how simply yet stylish the black swirl is. It caught my eye right away.

  131. Hmmm, the large zip tote in pink and black, or, wait, I love the red poppy medium tote that’s my super duper favorite!!

  132. I like the Blue Provence, but if they had a toile print (which I encourage them to get) I would have picked that. 😉

  133. OOO Circles OOO

  134. They are so cool….

  135. Peace and love for my middle schooler!

  136. The hipster in black swirl. Or just about anything in groovy flower!

  137. I love the groovy flower design.

  138. So many great patterns to choose from! I think I’d have to pick the purple flower, though the blue/brown flower comes in a CLOSE second. 🙂

  139. I am a damask girl. 🙂

  140. blue brown or black daisy – i cant decide!

  141. Uh, zebra! Anything zebra!

  142. I am crushing HARD on the red plaid weekender tote. How to choose? They’re all cute and the prices are great! Thanks for the chance.

  143. Black and white damask, no question. And I haven’t won anything in FOREVER!

  144. I LOVE the black daisy pattern….so cute!

  145. I like the Bahama Floral. But if I win, I think I’m getting a bunch of the reusable Christmas bags. What an excellent idea!

  146. Classic leopard. rowr.

  147. My favorite is the black swirl! Thanks for the chance. …and sharks for my son, and red green dots for the holidays, and English stripe for an insulated cooler…….

  148. I think I like the red poppy pattern the best–although the blue/brown flower is very attractive, too. Decisions, decisions…

  149. I like the English Stripe

  150. Love the Blue Provence….excellent give away!!! 🙂

  151. Those do look cool. I like the wave or the zebra, though if I win at least one bag will go to my son, for taking on weekend camping trips with Scouts, and who knows what he will pick.

  152. I love the black daisy pattern! Hope I win!!

  153. the black damask and the red poppy- can’t decide which I like best!

  154. definitely black daisy!

  155. I like the insulated grocery bag

  156. But for that much we can pick more than one! I <3 the skulls, the pink plaid, and the rainbow bright stripe!

  157. Black rings

  158. I think I like the pink plaid print the best.

  159. I love ALL the bags that come in the black damask!!!

  160. I love the blossom pattern. Big bags, small bags and oooo an ipad case. yummy

  161. I like the English plaid insulated grocery bag.

  162. OOOOH how I want this!!! Big fan of damask too!!!

  163. I like the English stripe insulated grocery bag.

  164. I really like all of the insulated bag choices, but the Pansy is probably my favorite!

  165. I like the pansy print!

  166. Loving the GROOVY PEACE LOVE DESIGN…..

  167. I love the weekender bag, I can’t decide on the print, they are all fabulous!

  168. I like so many! And I am such a tote bag junkie. Think my fav patterns are black vine and pansy, which is funny because one is so traditional and the other is so wild. The two sides of me.

  169. The large stripy one!

  170. The English Stripe grocery bag is my fave

  171. Cool bags! I’d love to win this one! Thanks for the chance, pretty Mir!

  172. I like the pink paisley and the aqua paisley. With $75 to spend, I could choose both!

  173. I love the striped ones, though my daughter would choose the peace signs.

  174. black plaid for sure!!!

  175. peace!

  176. Blossom!

  177. Man, just one? I like the department store bag! Also the hold everything tote. And the insulated ones! 🙂

  178. How to choose? But I do love the HE103 Black Daisy.

  179. english stripes please!

  180. Can one ever have enough bags, really?

  181. This is a very hard choice there are so many cute ones – but I think I would go with the black swirl pattern. Thanks Mir!

  182. What great designs! I love the Red Poppy, Damask, Blossom, Paisley,…
    Thanks for the contest!

  183. Cute! I like them all, but especially Circles!

  184. love the english strips and circles

  185. Black swirl. And I just broke the handle off my old insulated grocery bag, so I so need a new one.

  186. Those lunch bags look so kewl and I need a new lunch bag!

  187. i luv bags

  188. Oh my, what a hard question. I had it narrowed down to 3 patterns, the damask, the poppies and the dots. Then I scrolled down and saw the black vine. But to answer your question, which print I like the best would be the black vine, or the damask. No, definitely the vine. Final answer. I really like the insulated bag. That would come is so handy here in FL. Pleeeezzzzzz pick me!

  189. i need bags

  190. It’s tough, but I think I’d have to say the blue/brown flower is my fav.

  191. 3 Peace/Love Duffles for my 3 girls to pack for sleep-overs at Grandma’s! I haven’t won anything is such a long time. This would be super terrific! Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. black daisy.

    and, p.s. so jealous that you have a publix nearby. that was the best part of our vacation to north carolina!

  193. Paisley

  194. Navy Stirrup!!!

  195. black damask all the way here for me. I love anything black & white print lately.

  196. I don’t think I can pick one pattern as a favorite! I like the black damask, the various daisies, the polka dots, the paisleys … they are all super cute!

  197. I could easily name at least 10 I LOVE, but I will stick with one, Pansy. These rock!

  198. Ohh! How pretty! And functional. Can’t get any better than that!
    Thanks for the contest!

  199. LOVE the blue provence, but also like the paisley. So many choices!!

  200. Too hard to choose just one pattern–they are all so cute. Maybe the damask? or the polka dots? or the paisley? It’s funny that my daughter and I were just talking about wanting some larger reusable bags today….must be fate!! Thanks Mir!!

  201. Black Vine is my fave at the moment – but many pretty ones – tough choice!

  202. The flowers/peace would be a huge hit with my daughter! Of course with $75 I could also pick some things for me too 🙂

  203. Love the damask print! So pretty!

  204. I love the black daisy print.

  205. I love the black swirl print, so chic!

  206. Oh! I LOVE bags! I’d love to win so I could get a few insulated ones. Shopping for a family of 7 means lots of groceries! 🙂

  207. I like the hipster!

  208. LOVE the black daisy with aqua lining!

  209. English stripe all the way! Thanks for hosting another AWESOME giveaway!

  210. Love the black daisy!!

  211. I love the red croc pattern! Thanks Mir!

  212. Black swirl tall tote would be perfect for work!

  213. Love the red poppy one, but they’re all great!

  214. Blue/brown flower. It’s totally me 🙂

  215. ohh, english stripe!

  216. Oh so nice and pretty too!

  217. Blue brown flower!

  218. Love, love, love the Red Daisy…no wait! I want Red Poppy…shoot…make that Red Daisy! :0)

  219. how AWESOME!!

    *love* the paisley print!

  220. love the peace love hold everything bag!

  221. Peace and Love for my daughter, Pink Plaid for me!

  222. i couldn’t pick just one…i love the black daisy, blossom, and blue/brown flower.

  223. I love the blue vine, and the foodie bags!!

  224. I’m a big paisley gal.

  225. Black daisy! Lots of pretty choices, though…

  226. Insulated grocery bags in bright colors so I will remember to take them. The weekender totes are amazing always need one of those.

  227. Ohhh, I need a new iphone case…not sure how I would pick which one I want, they are all so cute

  228. LOVE the black daisy:)

  229. WANT!!! Make me Want Not!
    Seriously that middle bag is TOO CUTE!

  230. Black daisy is my favorite. But so many other cute choices too. Thanks!

  231. I absolutely love the Damask print in the Weekender bag and Hold Everything. These are great. Thanks Mir.

  232. I like the red poppy best!

  233. The blue n’ green flowers are pretty . . not as pretty as YOU, of course! 😉

  234. I love the bright stripes!

  235. The black daisy is the best!

  236. blue/brown flower

  237. Oh! Pretty Lunch bags! I love all the floral prints, the brighter, the better. Weekender sounds fabulous too.

  238. Ooh, these would be awesome. Thanks!

  239. The black damask is the one for me!

  240. I love the black swirl foodies… We’re trying to get away from all the plastic bags… But someone suggested some of these as knittin bags… that’s an AWESOME idea 🙂

  241. They’re all so cute — but I think I like the classic leopard best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  242. I love the pansy tall tote! Thanks for the chance!

  243. I like the Purple Flowers. These bags look great!

  244. So many choices… the blue/brown flower.

  245. Ooh–I’m liking the Black Daisy print best so far, but there are so many options in the different sizes/types that it’s hard to choose.

  246. I like beach ball. Thanks for the chance to win!

  247. All the prints offered look fabulous! If I had to pick one, I’d choose the English Stripe pattern, since it’s bright & cheery & something my husband wouldn’t mind using!

  248. Tough one! I keep going back to Dot though. 🙂

  249. The damask for sure. The black and white is so classy!

  250. Very hard to choose – two favorites here, black zebra and blue leopard. But black zebra is my favorite of the favorites!

  251. love all the bags but my favorite is the damask weekender!
    so great~

  252. Love the damask!

  253. oooh! Pink plaid is so pretty!!

  254. I love the black daisy.

  255. I LOVE Mixed Bag Designs, and they have really expanded their line since I last bought from them! There are so many great ones, but I think Paisley is my new favorite.

  256. Aqua Paisley! Thanks, Mir!

  257. The blue with the brown flower is very pretty! 🙂

  258. weekender zip tote!!

  259. English stripe is my fave!

  260. Decisions, decisions…..I like the weekender blossom tote!! But would have no problem spending that money on multiple items I like!

  261. blue/brown flower insulated tote. always seem short an insulated bag when grocery shopping. MKW

  262. Decisions, decisions. I am really liking the black daisy, black swirl, and the navy/green stripe.

  263. I love the Blue Paisley!!!!

  264. Wow – picking one is difficult because they have so many awesome bags – love the blossom and the blue/brown flower – wow, thanks for the chance to win such an awesome product!

  265. You can never have too many bags!

  266. The pink plaid is my favorite.

  267. Peace & Love!

  268. Aqua paisley…no blue paisley…no groovy flower..I need a new lunch bag, and I could get several and switch them out or in case I leave them at work…which never happens…no, never.

  269. I love ALL the Paisleys!

  270. I love sooooo many! Black Rings & Red Poppy Single are my favorites!

  271. I love stripes. And polka dots. I really like the green/navy stripes, though.

  272. How on earth are we supposed to pick just one as a favorite?!! Ok, if I have to name ONE I will say that the Blossom Weekender Zip tote is in the running for #1. But I need to spend 4 more hours on their site to decide. I love these bags and the storage options are great too.

  273. Love the black damask!

  274. Ooh, I totally want to try out some of the Foodies. Though I could wish there were a few more neutral-ish designs for those – something that I could put in my husband’s lunch bag in a pinch. (Though perhaps their stocks are still recovering from back-to-school?)

    But for me? I love the aqua paisley, and the red daisy, ooh, and the pansy!

  275. I want to be a bag lady 🙂

  276. Aqua paisley, though I had a hard time choosing…

  277. I’m liking the blue/brown flower. Fun!

  278. Pink Daisy….or Blossom, no definitely Pink Daisy. Cool bags!

  279. I like the purple croc grocery bag. Cool and simple.

  280. Definitely the peace and love!

  281. love the groovy flower for general everyday funness, but you need to check out that purple witch. she rocks.

  282. I love the Skulls print! Nice they have some boy style prints too!

  283. Love the Aqua paisley

  284. The blue/brown flower is super-cute!!

  285. Ooooh…such a hard decision, but I’ll go with Red Daisy (with Damask being a VERY close second…)

  286. I love the peace and love designs. 🙂

  287. Hmm, tough one. Predictably, my daughter loves the pink Peace/Love pattern, but I like both the Purple Flower and the Blue/Brown flower. But those holiday ones are adorable too … good thing the prize is a $75 gift card – we can try them all!

    Cute bags!

  288. Ohhh, the black damask for certain. LOVE.

  289. I love the stripe, and the blossom is a close second. I see SO many things that I want!

  290. These are really cool and very cute!! I love the duffles!! And the large totes with the paisley! Love Love Love

  291. we did a fundraiser with them for cheerleading and football! They are great!!

  292. Oh, what pretty bags!

  293. Who couldn’t use a cute bag? Love them all!

  294. I really love grocery bags and can always use more insulated ones – especially pretty ones.

  295. Love the blue/brown floral

    dropastitch at yahoo dot com

  296. I like the purple flower, but the stripes are a close 2nd! Very pretty!

  297. I gotta go plain and simple, Black Vine.

  298. Yes please. I like the purple flower.

  299. Black Daisy is my favorite.

  300. My fav is the paisley large zip tote, but I’ll take one of each. Thankyouverymuch.

  301. My favorite is the circles. So fun and colorful!

  302. hard to choose – but Blossom is great!

  303. I absolutely love the striped insulated bag. I so desperately need it as well. I. Love. It.

  304. I hve two faves: black daisy and paisley.

  305. Ok I NEED the Hold Everything in blue/brown flower. Like really – I could use a few of these to corral all those stuffed animals. And laundry and other stuff. My mind reels. I love these bags. I’d also buy a bunch of foodies for our lunches. And a duffel. And a hipster. So much to love!

  306. Oooooh! Love them all. Ok, not being greedy – paisley and daisy and dot.

  307. I love the insulated bag in English Stripe. And they have cell phone covers which is too cool. But my daughter loves the black & white zebra print lunch bag. And at those prices, I might just buy several items. If I don’t win the contest! 😉

  308. Purple Flower – but choosing just one is very hard!

  309. I like the Blue/Brown Flower Insulated Grocery Store Bag…looks like it might fit all the bottles it takes to feed twins. 🙂

  310. Why, stripes of course. 😉

  311. If forced to chose this moment, English stripes. But so many cute choices!

  312. Hmmm, black swirl or blossom??? I think it’s a tie!

  313. Love them all! I never heard of them but now that I did……hmmm!

  314. Love the blue leopard lunch bag!

  315. I love the English Stripe pattern, but the tall tote in Red Croc may be my favorite….so hard to decide!!!

  316. love the blossom weekender!!! so practical

  317. Purple Flower – There is so much pretty green in it! And purple! And iPhone cases! Swoon!

  318. I like the black daisy.. sharks for the son, and pink peace for the daughter… pick us number generator!!

  319. Oooh, poppy! Thanks! Jessica

  320. Blue-brown flower, but I also love the skulls for my boys!

  321. I love the Black Vine!

  322. The Peace/Love one is awesome.

  323. Well, I love the blue with the flower but I definately could find a use for other bags as well!

  324. Blossom!

  325. I love the black damask design

  326. I am all about the “Hold Everything” in the blue with brown floral! Thanks for turning me onto this company, Mir! Pretty!

  327. Ooh, LOVE the foodies!! It would be so great to have a drawer full of those little babies!

  328. –black swirl. 😉

  329. I love Blossom. That pink center really pops!

  330. Blue Paisley is the best one. It’s my favorite.

  331. I love the Black Damask design.

  332. I like the brightly colored Pansy print.Or the purple flowers in the “Foodies” section (and I really want those!). Thanks!

  333. I love the blue and brown bag it looks like it could hold just about anything!!

  334. Pick me! Pick me!

  335. Oh! Blossom!

  336. I hope I have this one “in the bag” 🙂 Poppy print please!

  337. Wow! So many to choose from! I love the weekender bag in damask and the weekender in zebra for my friend and new boss, Starr. With $75 I could get one for me and one for her for her birthday. Love it!

  338. Red Daisy, although they are all fab!

    I’m looking for a new diaper bag. This would be perfect!

  339. Black Daisy is my favorite. I simply love that one.

  340. The hold everything bag looks like a great swim bag- every summer I think I need a good swim bag- one big enough to hold all the towels, treats, sunscreen. This one looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  341. I’m a fan of the pink plaid!

  342. Red Daisy is my favorite print.

  343. Aqua paisley, no doubt. Way cuter than the off white canvas bags I’ve used for the last 15 years.

  344. Normally, I’m not into purple, but I love their purple flower print!

  345. The blossom laptop case. Need it.

  346. I LOVE the black daisy!

  347. blue/brown flower for me. Love em all a lot!

  348. So many gorgeous choices, but the one I’m drawn to the most is the blue/brown flower.

  349. I love love love allllllll of em!!!!

  350. English Stripes, but so many choices I can’t choose which one exactly. But definitely English Stripes.

  351. LOVE this contest. I like the navy/green stripe and the blue/brown flower.

  352. So hard to choose just one! I guess it would have to be the Black Daisy…

  353. they are all awesome and i really need a new bag!

  354. So pretty! The black daisy and red poppy are both too cute!

  355. HOW are we supposed to pick ONE favorite?? There are sooo many nice ones! But, I guess if I had to pick ONE, it’d be the purple flower.

  356. This would be so much fun to win! Lots of pretty patterns! My favorite is the Pink Plaid.

  357. The red daisy and damask prints are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  358. Bag it!

  359. I love the black daisy! These bags look awesome!

  360. My favorite bag is the damask weekender tote – but they’re all pretty cute! Love them! Thanks, Mir!

  361. I think I like the Black Daisy best… although it was really close with the Classic Leopard and the Paisley! 🙂

  362. The blue and brown pattern sure is nice! 🙂

  363. Groovy Flower is my fav. I am sure there is one that would make a perfect diaper bag!

  364. Love the blue/brown flower!

  365. Aqua paisley … but followed closely by black swirl and black vine!

  366. If I had to pick one, I guess the Aqua Paisley is my favorite pattern. It’s closely followed by the blue/brown flower and the English stripe pattern, though. Lots of cute options! Thanks for the contest!

  367. All of them are fabulous! I’m equally boggled and amazed that there are 365 comments!!!! When did that happen?!?

  368. Wow, what a selection! I’m LOVING the Peach & Love duffle bag. I want to take that baby away with me.

  369. I love Black Daisy. But there are so many selections it’s hard to pick just one. The design of Black Daisy is cool.

  370. well, I wish there were something with birds, so I could be all Portlandy, but I do like the Red Poppies.

  371. I absolutely LOVE the blue flower and peace print!


  372. Oddly enough, I have never used a pocket book in my life. I carry everything in an old fisherman’s hat. I know it is weird. For some reason the site will not allow me to view the individual bags, but I am certain I would get my mother-in-law a snazzy “fashion bag”. And yes, oddly enough, I also do adore my mother-in-law. Hope I am not ruled out because I could not pick a specific bag. The site will not full load even though I tried repeatedly.

  373. So many cute patterns, but I thought the pansy was so cheerful!

  374. I like the blue paisley, but I’m pretty sure my daughter would pick the blue flower and peace pattern!

  375. I love the Blue Paisley but am surrounded by mensfolk who prefer Shark.

  376. I like the black damask! Thanks for the chance!

  377. I love the purple flower!

  378. Just what I need for my new job! Black damask is probably my favorite

  379. Fun bags!!!!!

  380. I need to chill baby, definitely the insulated grocery bag!

    And I love that chocolate-brown and blue combo design.

  381. Being a “bagaholic” these are totally awesome. What a great give-away..great value, great versatile product everyone can use!

  382. I love the black daisy!

  383. I like the red plaid.

  384. Love the English stripe!

  385. black Zebra and stripes- cute stuff!!

  386. I simply adore the Peace and Love duffle bag. With so many choices and fabulous patterns, it was so difficult making me choice just one. If I win one of the gift certificates, I will go wild 🙂

  387. Black Damask for me. Those are so cute!

  388. I really want a lunch bag for work. I love this one…

    NG112 Blue/Brown Flower
    Insulated Grocery Store Bag

  389. The Blue Provence is my favorite!

  390. If I *have* to chose just one pattern, I guess it’ll be the Black Damask!

  391. I think the blue paisley is my fav…..but I’m also kind of in love with the black damask! too many fun choices!

  392. I like the Blue Provence – so pretty!

  393. I got sucked in to the iPhone cases section and I can’t decide if I like the pink and black plaid or the pink with green polka dots or the paisley best! Can I get ALL of them? 🙂 (I guess I can if I win the contest!)

  394. black daisy!

  395. LOVE LOVE black DAISY!!!

  396. I love these bags. I own quite a few and my favorite-hands down- is the insulated grocery bag. My

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