Last day for some grocery specials

By Mir
September 15, 2011
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I’m pretty sure I mentioned some of these last month, but today is the last day to save extra on a variety of the current grocery specials at Amazon.

Most notably—because this is the one my kids like best—today is the last day to score extra savings on the GoGo Squeez applesauce pouches when you combine Subscribe & Save (15% off and free shipping) with coupon code GOGO4343 (another 10% off).

I ordered some earlier, but I just placed a second order. With the discounts, the 48 pouches of apple-peach I just ordered came to about $.42/serving. Considering that these puppies cost about a buck apiece at my local supermarket, I’m stoked. And listen, I’m all about fresh fruit in the kids’ lunches, but I love that these are shelf stable with nothing added.

Bonus tip: Sometimes I throw these in the freezer, which essentially renders them ice packs in the lunch bags.


  1. Thanks – stocked up on applesauce (hope he likes it) and lots of Annie’s snacks our local stores don’t carry (at least not at this great price.)

  2. That ice pack is pure outside-the-[lunch]-box genius. I would never have thought it it. NEVARRRR!

  3. OK, I am trying to combine the coupon code with the subscribe and save, I seem to be able to enter the coupon code if I use the basket to check out, OR the subscribe and save if I choose that button, but I cant do both, what am I missing?

  4. Thank you. I just bought fruit snacks, which I can not believe, but at least their Annie’s and my kids are very happy.

  5. Chris, if you go through the S&S process, there is a place for coupon codes where you go to pay. My girls love these, and I use them as freeze packs too!

  6. Can’t seem to order the apple/peach without a nearly 25 dollar shipping fee. Guess they must have sold out? 🙁 We love the plain, too, but just ordered those.)

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