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By Mir
September 28, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m totally digging the lead deal at Tanga, today—it’s a 48-pack of Colgate Wisps for just $10 delivered. (For reference, the usual price at Amazon is around $14 for 32.) Never underestimate the value of a clean mouth even on the run, people!

Am I above using these for stocking stuffers? No, I am not. Even Santa is concerned about good oral hygiene, even when you can’t whip out your toothbrush and go the full two minutes.

[P.S. If the year-long subscription to Batman and Robin is more your thing—not that I’m judging; I’m sure your breath is just fine—use coupon code BATMAN to drop the price to $11. Or heck, get the comics and the Wisps. They’re small.]

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  1. I LOVE Wisps for days when I’m teaching and really don’t want to use the school sink for brushing.

    BTW, is it Kohlsday today?

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