Hunger Games Trilogy for under $5!

By Mir
September 29, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you and your (older) kids haven’t yet read the awesomeness that is the Hunger Games books, please do. I’m begging you. I don’t know that I enjoyed a YA series this much since A Wrinkle in Time. And if you’ve already read them—because you’re just that pretty—you may still want to get in on this, because right now Amazon has the whole trilogy for Kindle for just $4.38.

That’s… crazy, really. So cheap for such a compelling series, and particularly good if you’re planning to check out the upcoming movie. I always make my kids read the book first, because I’m mean.

[Note: Remember that there are free Kindle apps, too, so no need to have a Kindle to take advantage of this deal! I have the app on my phone, my daughter has it on her Touch, and my son has it on the HP TouchPad.]


  1. Gah! No more posting Kindle deals till after November 21st (when the Kindle touch is released)!

    Only 2 more months….

  2. Also, I just checked on Barnes and Noble and it’s currently the same price for the Nook version…for those Nook owners like me 🙂

  3. These books are SO good! Like, neglect-your-kids good.

  4. I was just saying today how I really haven’t used the Kindle App all that much… hard to get away from the real book thing. But this is some motivation!

  5. Awesome! I just got my kindle yesterday – this is perfectly timed!

  6. I grabbed this. I’ve heard so much about the trilogy, I guess it’s required reading!

  7. No-brainer…can’t wait to read these!

  8. Aw, looks like I missed it!

  9. LOVE the Hunger Games! Seriously read those books so quickly. I’m hoping the movies will be just as good!

  10. DW, buy them now! They’re stored at Amazon, you can read them on the computer now, then you’ll have nice start on your Kindle collection when you get it!

  11. I’m OBSESSED with these books! My children were literally so frustrated with me and crying, “We’re STARVING! Will you put those books down and feed us?”! Sooo wish I’d seen this yesterday!

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