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By Mir
October 18, 2011
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All hail Dura Doggie, one of my newest favorite companies. A while back I purchased a voucher deal for their dog toys, and I went ahead and ordered some for Licorice. Licorice, it must be noted, came to us as an adult rescue dog who mostly laid in our laps and looked guilty. We were advised by the trainer we worked with that she might never “be the kind of dog who plays.” Well, some high quality kibble and lots of love turned her into the romping, spazzy pup we know today, and before I found Dura Doggie, there was no toy this dog couldn’t destroy in a matter of hours. (Licorice specializes in emergency squeakerectomies.)

Dura Doggie toys not only donate a generous chunk of their proceeds to charity, their toys are 100% guaranteed against being destroyed by your dog. I kind of chuckled at that and bought a whole box of toys for Licorice, and I have to tell you—she’s still on the original ball. They’re truly indestructible. Also: they smell good (kind of like vanilla), no matter how much dog saliva they’re coated in.

I immediately went back and purchased more toys to give to all the dogs I know. Somehow my order never showed up, and when I called to figure out what happened, the CEO himself handled replacement of my order and couldn’t have been more helpful or kind. I really love these guys and love their toys. So go check out Mamapedia Deals today to snag $26 to Dura Doggie for $13. I promise you (and your pup!) will love their toys.

Disclosure: Although I bought my toys with a voucher coupon (natch!), I paid for everything myself, save for a bonus toy I received on my screwed-up order. I’m not being compensated by Dura Doggie in any way, I just think this is a great company making a stellar product.


  1. Thanks for the referral and recommedation! Our boxer chews through everything in a split second, just like Licorice, so hopefully these toys in his Christmas stocking will keep him busy!

  2. Do they have Dura Cat? One of my cats destroys cat toys in a matter of hours. Sisal mice that lasted for years with our other cats were promptly decapitated.

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