Mystery savings at Gap

By Mir
October 19, 2011

Now through October 22nd, if you visit Gap online you’ll get a banner for an extra savings code to use on your order—up to 40% off!

I could give you the 40% off code *coughcoughGAPLOVEcoughcough*, but the way this one works is that you can only apply the code it gives you. So I would suggest seeing what you get and then maybe trying a different browser and/or clearing your cookies and trying again if you’re not happy with what it offers you the first time.

Of course, they’re totally on to me. First I got 35%, then 30%, then 25%. I have angered the Gap gods, clearly.


  1. Ooo! First click and I got 40%. Clearly the Gap gods know that I’m ready to walk away from Gap jeans forever, since they screwed up the length and sizing in the past few iterations. But maybe I’ll reconsider…

  2. …after reading the reviews….nah. Sorry Gap, you really suck now.

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