Want a Britax? Bag a bonus!

By Mir
October 21, 2011

Look; I’m not the sort of person who’s going to tell you that you must buy a Britax to safeguard your kid. There are plenty of cheaper carseats out there that will do the job. (I, myself, never owned a Britax.) That said, plenty of people are willing to shell out the extra money based upon the excellent crash ratings and user satisfaction, and who am I to argue if that’s what you want to spend your money on?

But if you’re going to go Britax, make sure you get a deal. Like, right now, Amazon is offering a free travel cart with any qualifying Britax seat purchase, and that’s a handy item to have if you’re toting that carseat hither and yon. It’s an $80 value, and currently absolutely free if you buy them both together. (Note that some of the seats are marked down, themselves, too, like the Boulevard 70 in Onyx.)

And this is me, not saying a word about the fact that the world’s most expensive carseat can also be fitted with the world’s most expensive hand truck. Mmmph.


  1. I find myself in (rather surprise) need of a car seat this spring.

    But for those prices, I expect the seat to drive me around while the baby and I nap in the back!


  2. Just a Britax plug for you…

    My SIL was T-boned at 60 miles an hour with the brunt of the force hitting the side of the mini-van where my 3 year old nephew was sitting in his Boulevard. The force rotated van’s seat in which he was sitting 180 degrees. Not a scratch on him!

    So we’re big fans here and own 4 (2 kids, 2 cars)! Only got 2 on sale though so there is that downside!

  3. We started out with a cheaper ($100 or so) car seat for our first kid. We realized how much nicer and more user friendly and safer the Britax carseats are and bought 2 – 1 for each car. We now have a 5 month old and will be buying 2 more. Yes, we have shelled out almost $1000 in carseats, but they are worth it! I love a deal, but there are just some things worth the extra money and Britax carseats are definitely worth it.

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