Please don’t put it on your baby

By Mir
October 25, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I… can’t stop laughing.

Because: Right now you can buy this 20-piece salon nail polish set from Amazon for just under $22 shipped, which is a great deal, particularly if you have a tween or teen who’s always dying for polish. (Not that I would know anything about that… ahem… young lady, get out of my bathroom right now!) I like the price, I even like the “grab bag” aspect of it.

But what I really like the best is that this counts as a “baby” item to extend your Mom Prime when you spend $25+. Because… huh?

Stay crazy, Amazon.


  1. I was trying to see what other items qualified for this ‘big city bargains’ free shipping deal but couldn’t figure it out. Do you know?

  2. So I have a question about that. My free Prime membership expired. If I buy something that qualifies me for an extra month, will I still get it? Or will it only extend it if you’re current?

  3. Jan –
    I had that happen and they did extend mine – it didn’t happen instantly, but they did extend. If you have any trouble you could always call 🙂

    Mir –
    I did paint my babies toenails and it was adorable!!! Cutest thing ever (next to big huge bows on their heads hehehe)

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