Let’s cap off the week with shoes

By Mir
October 28, 2011

Free shipping on every order is still happening at 6pm.com, for reasons which are unclear. Will they keep it up forever? A girl can dream.

Anyway, today there’s a banner up top for “Casual Clearance,” and that link will take you to all sort of goodies in the 80% off range. Stock up on sandals for next summer, or browse the hundreds of other options.

And then ship it for free, because that’s awesome.


  1. Wow! Four pairs of Helle Comfort sandals (two for me, two for DD) for $88!

  2. I got two pairs of Sketchers tennis shoes for $30! One is Twinkle Toes! Yay!!

  3. I just save 47 smack-a-roos! Thanks Mir! You are so darn pretty today!

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