If you plan to send cookies this year…

By Mir
November 2, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… allow me to help you out with a few free ones. (I, of course, cannot eat these because they’re not gluten-free, but if you eat wheat, go enjoy.)

Right now you can order 6 free cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies—just pay the shipping (which is $6.99). Now… I realize they’re saying the cookies are free, but still, you’re paying $7 for 6 cookies, which… yeah. Not so fab. But! You also get a $10 gift card you can use towards your next purchase with those 6 cookies. And a lot of their gifts ship for free. Sooooooo if you think you’ll be sending cookies to someone from there this season, this is a nice little perk of free cookies for you, and a few bucks off your next order.

Plus, you know, it’s cookies. So there’s that.


  1. OMG. Cheryl’s sugar cookies with buttercream frosting are THE BEST…and I’m a conoisseur! They’re headquartered here in Central Ohio and I got addicted when I was in college. Now I’m BACK teaching at my alma mater and have to resist the siren song most of the time, or I’d weigh 9324 pounds.


  2. they are Godawful yummy!!!!!!!
    thanks for telling us!

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