Did someone say Dansko?

By Mir
November 4, 2011

(Excellent news: I did not die in the woods yesterday. And I didn’t even get very wet when I sort of fell in the creek, because I was wearing my Gore-Tex hiking shoes. Conclusion: Any shoe purchase I wish to make is justified. Obviously.)

Today at 6pm.com, there’s a huge array of Dansko shoes in the spotlight, up to 60% off.

Shipping is currently still free on all orders, too, which is the icing on the cake. Though I don’t recommend putting icing on your new shoes. Sticky!

1 Comment

  1. LOVE my danskos.
    didn’t see a pair calling my name though 🙁
    UNTIL i got to the ones with the lil flower,
    Dang, kids shoes, can’t them make them for adults?
    they are the cutest lil shoes!

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