Locked and loaded

By Mir
November 17, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do I need to go over my deep love of Lock ‘N’ Lock containers again? Because I will. Because I have two children and a husband who take their lunch every single day and I know what happens when I try to cheap out and use different containers, ones that maybe don’t actually seal shut. Ahem.

Today at Lock ‘N’ Lock Place, everything is 50% off with coupon code PREBLK2011. It even works on items already on sale!

I loaded up during the last sale (and yes, I already packed lunches in ’em this morning), but if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, I encourage you to scope out the options. I will never go back to anything else in lunch boxes.


  1. I bought some Lock-n-Lock when it was at Woot and I LOVE THEM. Best tupperware I’ve ever had!!!

  2. Shut the front door! It’s like you KNEW I was trying to organize my disasterous Pantry! I only have one of these containers currently, and it is my FAVORITE! Thanks!

  3. I’ve tried to order from this site a couple of times with no luck. It shows that I have items in my cart. I click cart. I click proceed to checkout. I get an error message that says I have no items in my cart. The tab at top shows a number of items in my cart. When I click it, I see the items. And then…brick wall. Every time. Too frustrating to bother with.

  4. This stuff looks great, and seems very reasonably priced to begin with. I will be ordering a set later today I think.

  5. Mir, you ROCK! I just got eight of the 1.25 cup round containers (perfect for making a big batch of oatmeal and dividing it into individual servings to reheat in the morning!) for FORTY CENTS EACH! Not only is that cheaper than the icky “disposable” food containers, I also know these are leak-proof and will last and last and last. You are so pretty!

  6. HALP! Where do you put the coupon code?

  7. Mir, thanks for the heads up! I’ve been mooning over the bento style lunch boxes for a while, and this was just what I needed to pull the trigger. I’m so excited!

    Kay, during the process of creating an account, there was a small box towards the bottom right corner of the page where you could enter a promotion code. The box could be easy to miss. I don’t remember whether it was on the page for my address or for my credit card info, unfortunately, but it was on one of those two pages, before finally submitting my order. I hope that helps a little.

  8. I am getting myself into trouble at this very moment. I think this is one deal that I shouldn’t have looked into.

  9. I got 35 items for $62.76. I am making some gift baskets for Christmas.

  10. THANKS Leslie, I was going bonkers trying to figure out how to use the code!

  11. I have never ordered from this company before, does anybody know approx how long it takes for delivery?

  12. Sorry, premature comment-ation…..I tried to contact Lock N Lock but their website has been WEIRD (I guess with lots of traffic from recent sales?

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