Possibly Skylanders are Pokemon on steroids

By Mir
November 23, 2011

Listen, I’ll be the first one to admit that I am possible too 1) old, 2) unhip, and/or 3) dumb to entirely understand what, exactly, this whole Skylanders game (warning: site has sound) is about, but I do know that my kids are talking about it like it comes covered in chocolate and laced with cocaine. It’s sort of like all the things my son loves about Pokemon and the Lego Wii games all wrapped up in a new game that works with Super Special Action Figures. (Man, this company has got my kid’s number.)

Anyway, the list price is evidently $70 for the game bundle and $10 for each extra figure. But right now Amazon is running a Skylanders Promotion where you can get the bundle for $50 and 2 more figures for $10. I’m not sure we’ll see a better deal than that before Christmas, though anything’s possible.

My husband just suggested we get it for the kids along with a weatherproof casing for the Wii so they’d be forced to play with it outside. Hee.


  1. My son thanks you. This was at the top of his Christmas list!

  2. My two boys want this. Thinking…. thinking…. I wonder which extra figures they want….

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