Cyber Monday? Cyberflirty!

By Mir
November 28, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You’ll need to be patient on this one—their site is moving very slowly, probably because of the sale—but today at Flirty Aprons you can save 40% and get free shipping with coupon code CYBERFLIRTY.

If you’ve never visited them before, they’re best known for their gorgeous women’s aprons (really, they’re almost too pretty to get messy!), but they have darling options for girls and men, too. Anyone who likes to cook would be charmed by a gift from here, I’m thinking.

(Of course, whether or not you include a card that says, “Now get back in the kitchen and bake me a pie!” is up to you and depends on how lucky you’re feeling.)


  1. Yay, this solves my dilemma about what to get my step brother and his new wife. This is a great first home gift! Their site is painfully slow right now, as you said!

  2. Their site must be slammed, I’ve been trying and trying to get on, but no luck. Thanks for the heads’ up.

  3. I’m trying as well. I can’t tell if it is just slow internet, or if it won’t let me use that code + my groupon

  4. Wow! I’ve been trying for over an hour now, major server problems, every time I try to check out, the site crashes again.

  5. Andrea: It won’t let you use the code and a groupon at the same time. I eventually waited long enough to get an error message that told me that.

  6. Would have been a great gift idea but I can’t get into the site 🙁

  7. They are going to extend this for tomorrow, too, according to Twitter. Whew–I have been trying for a very long time to get on their website. Maybe tonight/early morning tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

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