On the first Friday of December, Target gave to me…

By Mir
December 2, 2011

… free shipping and an extra 20% off most men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories! (How do you like my singing? It was really hard to get all of those syllables in there in one breath.)

I was, of course, checking out today’s Target Daily Deals—as I do—and for a moment I was completely blinded by their feature deal, which is Nick & Nora pajamas (so cute!), but it turns out that just about everything wearable for the grown-ups get an extra 20% off and free shipping, today. (The exclusion listed is “not exclusive designer collections” so I guess you can’t get too fancy with this, but everything else would work.) So… the featured pajamas are marked down to $18, but with the additional discount, they’re under $15.

It works on clearance, even. Today’s the day to pick up some clothing for the adults, for sure.

[Edited to add: Thanks, pretty readers, for pointing out that you can also apply coupon code TGTFZS8U for $4 off any woman’s sweater!]


  1. I just ordered four Christmas prezzies – two infinity scarves and two animal print scarves. Warm necks are important, dontchaknow.

  2. And use code TGTFZS8U for $4 off any women’s sweater.

  3. Hi!, I also used coupon code TGTFZS8U to get $4.00 off women’!s sweaters in addition to the 20% off.

  4. TGT2X6XT is a code for 20% off any Men’s Merona item. You can stack it with the 20% off all apparel too.

  5. You know, regarding their ‘designers’…remember the big to-do over the Missoni line? The two Targets near me still has quite a bit of that stuff on clearance. I guess we Midwesterners aren’t easily swayed by trends…or have no taste!

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