Also, I like that St. Nick guy

By Mir
December 6, 2011

I’m an absolute sucker for the St. Nick’s Picks over at Lands’ End, and not just because it gives me something else to stalk in December aside from the Amazon Lightning Deals.

Today’s picks include a variety of fleece tops and accessories, and the current coupon promotion is a whopping $40 off your $100+ purchase with coupon code FROSTY and PIN 1121. (That’ll give you free shipping on $50+, too, if you’re buying enough for free shipping but not enough for the discount.)

I’ve already shopped Lands’ End a couple of time this season, but with a discount like that… wellllll… let’s just say I’d rather you not look in my cart right now.


  1. Thanks! I’ve been trying to replace a beloved yellow fleece pullover for my husband for 3 years- and hopefully I’ve been successful.

  2. In the matter of getting your shopping cart high enough to get the 40% discount: Now, I’m not saying I’ve purposely done this, and I’m not saying I’ve NOT purposely done this … but if you’re close to the $100, or you’re on the fence about a particular item that would get you to $100, you might as well go ahead and boost the order to over $100. The discount is applied to each item, so when you return something to Sears later on, you’re refunded the amount for that piece. You don’t automatically lose the discount for the other items if your total for that order dips under $100. (Clear as mud, isn’t it. Hope it makes sense to someone.)

  3. Oh, my mistake. It’s a $40 discount, not 40%. But the advice above still applies. The savings IS spread across all items in the order, if I recall correctly. I buy a LOT from Lands’ End.

  4. THANK YOU!!! Got some incredible deals on overstock items + the $40 off and free shipping. Deal of the season for us. To get all of this information out, I don’t imagine you sleep much, so know it is very appreciated.

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