Off to war

By Mir
December 8, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sadly, today “being a decent parent” wins out over “finding you deals all day.” I’ll be gone most of the day, on a Civil War field trip, which should be interesting because I’m a yankee in the south, you know, and I always snicker when someone refers to it as “the War of Northern Aggression.” I will try not to embarrass my kid too much today, but I make no promises.

While I’m gone, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the Amazon Lightning Deals. I know we’re all experiencing a big of Lightning Deal fatigue right about now, and I’ll also be the first to admit that I’ve seen them mess with the prices on several things (like, it normally sells for $30, but when the LD goes live, they say the regular price is $50 and look, now it’s just $29!), but I’ve also snapped up some incredible deals in the last few days. It just takes a bit of patience.

Also worth checking out is today’s Gold Box Deal, which is supposedly half off a variety of Melissa & Doug wooden toys. Now, a lot of them are not half off—check the “More Buying Options” column to see what items are being sold for elsewhere—but most are at least 30% off and a few are items that rarely go on sale. Again, you have to be kind of vigilant and do your research, but there are deals to be had.

I’ll be back later this afternoon.


  1. I got 3 deals 50% off of Melissa & Doug that I wanted to they are there! I think the caveat is it has to be fulfilled by Amazon and something else… 🙂

  2. And I do have fun teasing people from the north – I had some visitors and they asked about seeing historic landmarks and my reply was – well you burned them all, so we don’t have any… ; )

  3. Have you ever really heard it referred to as the “War of Northern Aggression”? Because I’m southern born and bred, and I’ve never heard it referred that way, except by people from up north who live here now.

    It was a terrible war, the South was wrong, but what happened during reconstruction was pretty bad, too. It led to the Jim Crow laws and the issues with segregation that still exist. And, yes, the burning of the entire south ever as the war was ending was punitive and did cause a lack of harmony for years.

  4. Geez Mir, you’re so selfish spending time with your kid instead of us.

    I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta (which is where you are, right?). My history teachers did NOT call it the War of Northern Aggression but my PE teacher did. I think he was kidding. Maybe.

  5. I just have to share that I happened to see the Amazon Lightning Deal tweet about the Lego Cars 2 Big Bentley set for $45 (36% off), and I managed to get one. WOOHOO! The thrill of the catch 🙂 Those Lego deals are hard to get!

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