And the best Nintendo DS game ever

By Mir
December 16, 2011

I’m sure those of you who are regulars have heard me sing the praises of Super Scribblenauts in the past, but it just dropped to $15 at Amazon—its lowest price ever.

This is my son’s favorite DS game, because even after you’ve completed the various “goals” you can just go back and create things and have fun. The difference between this one and the original Scribblenauts game is that you can use adjectives. Soooo… ummm… yes, fine, my son’s favorite thing to make is a “pregnant toilet,” okay? It gives birth to little toilets. Which is apparently hilarious.

[Edited to add: It is now defaulting to a different price/seller, but is still available directly from Amazon for $14.99 in the “More Buying Choices” sidebar on the right.]


  1. Oh, that sounds like it would be right up my 9 year old son’s alley! Thanks for the tip, Mir!

  2. My son is playing the original Scribblenauts right now. Loves it! And I think it has helped with his spelling. I know he’ll be excited to see this new version under the tree. Thanks!

  3. My 7 year old will get a big kick out of that pregnant toilet. And I’m quite sure Daddy and I can come up with some great stuff too. 😉

  4. Darn it, back up to $24

  5. Look over on the right, under “more buying options.” I think it’s still $14.99 …

  6. Gone…as I tried to add it. 🙁

  7. I was wanting this for Christmas last year and didn’t get it. I just asked my husband if he got it this year (I’ve been hinting for over a year now!), and he didn’t. So I just got it for myself. 😀

  8. it sounds like alot of fun i will have to try it my daoughter might like it to!!!!

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