We interrupt our holiday shopping…

By Mir
December 19, 2011

… for a moment of shameless somewhat-self promotion.

Today is the official release of the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism book, meant to be “the resource we wish we’d had when autism first became part of our lives: a one-stop source for carefully curated, evidence-based information from autism parents, autistics, and autism professionals.”

I am a contributor to this collection, but I can tell you that even if I wasn’t, I would have mad love for the awesome men and women who collaborated and shared to make this book possible. If you’re an autism parent, if someone you love has autism, and most particularly if someone you love just found out their child has autism, please pick up a copy or two of this book to read and share. It’s really a wonderful look at the trials and triumphs of autism from all possible angles.

[Full disclosure: As always, if you buy the book through my affiliate link, I make a commission. However, I was not compensated for my contribution to this book; all proceeds from sales are actually being donated to the Autism Science Foundation, which is just another level of awesomeness on the part of the editors.]


  1. This is awesome! I will have to check it out! Congratulations on being a contributor!

  2. oh Mir, congratulations! I’m sure this will be a very valuable resource for many.

  3. Awesome!!! As an Occupational Therapist, I can vouch that the good info and resources out there are very limited, I am thrilled to have this to share with folks! Thanks for your contribution and hard work!

  4. Awesome, Mir!

  5. Got Mine! Does this mean I’ll finally figure it all out?

    Ahhh…who wants to lose all that *mystery,* right?

    Good Job, Mir!

    Daniel and I thank you!


  6. Wow, how timely for us–diagnosis just a few months ago … though suspicions for a LONG time. I can’t thank you enough for the empathy that prompts you to share your experience. I will be buying a copy.

  7. I didn’t know you had a child on the spectrum, Mir. The group A4CWSN (apps for children with special needs) is active on facebook and they often post when prices dop for autism designed apps. I was able to get a $100 app for .99, and two $18 apps for free!! Free shipping too 🙂 Thought you would appreciate that little inside “Want Not” humor!

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