You can always use boots

By Mir
December 22, 2011

(Okay, technically the title of this post is a lie. Probably if it’s the middle of the summer, you don’t need boots. This is what we call “creative license.” Just go with it.)

Honestly, I think I’m talking to myself a little, today. Everyone is busy going over the river and through the woods, or at least turning around for the fifteenth time and saying to the kids, “Bored? Really? I can certainly find you something to do if that’s the case….”

But if you’re here, and if you’re not all shopped out, you might be interested in knowing that you can take an additional 25% off already-reduced sale boots over at Endless with coupon code BOOTSALE. You can even get ’em before Christmas, if you order in the next few hours and opt for overnight shipping.

Just, uh, don’t tell 6pm I was looking at Endless. It’s not cheating if I’m just looking, baby.


  1. When this came up in my feed, I read the title as “You can always use BOOBS”. I was intrigued, so I clicked over. I’m kind of excited about the boots too. 🙂

  2. You know, Mir…it’s the cheating with the heart that hurts the most. Ha, ha!

  3. You’re definitely not talking to yourself. I am shopped out — except for any deals you post, because I know they are worth taking a look. Thanks for weeding through the avalanche of sales/promotions for us!

  4. I don’t understand the shopping for shoes online. Do I have the only weird feet that must try on every last shoe- meaning both the right AND the left? And walk around the store for ten minutes? And then wear them only indoors for a week to be SURE they fit ok? Please tell me I’m not alone in this. (or is this my form of a foot fetish?)

  5. 1.) I think I DO need boots.
    2.) I homeschool and had no problem threatening my kids that, if they told me they were bored, I’d make them do some math or Latin. They’ve not said that word YET! 🙂

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