When you’re ready to pack up Christmas

By Mir
December 28, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Maybe you’re starting to think about packing up all of the Christmas decorations, and you’re just realizing now that your new fake tree doesn’t have a bag. (Or maybe that’s just the sort of thing that happens to me.) Right now Amazon has a extra-large bag for a 9-foot tree available for under $12. Perfect for your extra-large tree, or your not-so-extra-large tree and a few other things like wreaths and/or swags.

I think it’s also just about the right size for an unruly child, too. (Kidding! Totally kidding. Mostly.)

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  1. perfect, thank you! There is also another one that is a cylinder shape instead of rectangle box for 2.00 more if that appeals to you. Same company as your link.

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