Playtime for kitties

By Mir
December 30, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

Personally, I’ve always felt that dogs are pets and cats are hairy furniture, but I know many people feel differently. Ow. Stop throwing things at me.

Anyway, if you’re into cats, perhaps you’d like 20 cat toys for $6 shipped from Amazon, because that’s a lot of toys for not very many dollars.

Now, if Amazon comes up with a grab bag of 20 kitties for my dog, that‘d really be something.


  1. Cats rule! Thanks!

  2. Cats rule, dogs drool!

  3. Dogs are pets. Cats own YOU. Gimme a dog.

  4. I like kitties because they’re ALLOWED to vent the true, evil, selfish, hedonistic ME that I (as a human being) am forced to keep reined in. I’m pleased to see SOMEONE getting to enjoy!

    No toys for him, right now, though. He just had to have emergency surgery on his 15-year-old self. He must stay lazy (another of my “virtues”) and heal up. 😉

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