Begone, acne

By Mir
January 8, 2012
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My teen asks me every time we see a ProActiv commercial if that stuff really works. I tell her that I have no idea (I don’t), but that washing your face and using regular acne medicine probably works just as well. (Because I’m mean. Obviously.)

It’s not fancy and doesn’t have celebrities in its commercials, but know what I like? I like Clean & Clear. And right now Amazon has the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit for $11.97, except it comes down to just $10.17 with free shipping if you buy via Subscribe & Save. Better still, if you’re eligible for Amazon coupons, scrolling down a bit on the page will show you that this product is eligible for a $2 off coupon—get the whole kit for just about $8 shipped.

Not a bad deal for a Sunday morning.


  1. Just an FYI to tell your daughter next time she asks, it does work, for a while, but it HURTS. And your skin gets MUCH worse before it gets better. I unfortunately started it a few weeks before my wedding.

  2. Thanks! I am too cheap/broke to use Proactive, so I used the Acne Free variety, and some Target brand substitutes. This is cheaper than what I usually use.

  3. How did you find the coupon? I pulled up all health and beauty coupons on Amazon and couldn’t find one. Thanks.

  4. coupon has expired

  5. I have to say, I LOVE Proactive. Nothing works for my acne, even expensive dermatologist prescribed things, but once I started using Proactive my skin cleared up dramatically. Not perfect, but good enough. I still try to use the face wash and stretch it as long as possible, even in my 20s with much better (not great) skin. If it is really bad, it’s worth the investment. I did not find it painful at all, and I have super dry/sensitive skin. I only used the harsh cleanser every other day, and built up to every single day. People forget that you still have to moisturize as well, which helps protect your skin.

  6. Yes, Proactive works and it works well! I am 41 and still break out every month unless I am using Proactive religiously. I have combination skin, dry in places and a very oily “T zone.” Proactive really evens me out. If you’re using it and it hurts, maybe you are just too sensitive or are having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients? Try scaling back and using the cleanser once a day or once every other day. The Daily Oil Control is a lifesaver and the Oil Free Moisturizer is a must to ensure that the drier areas of your face don’t get too dry or else you can peel and flake. Plus, I LOVE the scent. It is so fresh and clean, not medicinal at all like some other acne treatment products.

  7. Not sure if anyone ever sees late comments–but I just wanted to say that I bought the Clean & Clear on a whim, given the discount, and have really liked the results over the past five days I’ve been using it. I sound like some kind of shill, but there truly are “visible results,” and the zit-zapping gel–Step 3 in the process–has nipped a few nasty ones in the bud, so to speak. So thanks! (As for data points, I am one of those late bloomers, icky-skin-wise, who has only had problems in my 40s. Chalk it up to perimenopausal fluctuations, along with pregnancy/breastfeeding + the hormonal cocktails necessary to knock me up. Retinol products, while effective initially, have gradually proved too harsh for me.)

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