Time to Get Up And Dance

By Mir
January 23, 2012
Category Contests

I think it’s time for a contest where you can work up a little sweat. (What? No! Sheesh! Minds out of the gutter, people.)

What’s better than trying to dance along with your favorite songs and looking like a complete dork? Dancing along with your favorite songs and looking like a complete dork while swinging a wiimote. Obviously. (I would also accept “dancing along with your favorite songs and looking like a complete dork in front of your teenager’s friends” for that one. Either way.)

I have in my possession three brand-spankin’-new copies of Get Up And Dance for the Wii, and it looks crazy fun. Play with up to four players at a time, and either just dance away or set it to Shape Up mode and get a serious workout. Please note that due to the lyrics contained in this game (artists include Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, and other hit pop stars), this title is rated T for Teen. (Read: please do not win it for your small children and then send me hate mail.)

Want to win one? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 for an entry. I’ll use my handy-dandy random winners picky plugin to select three winners, and there shall be much rejoicing. And dancing.

Ready? Go!


  1. I’d love one for my age-appropriate kiddos! 🙂

  2. Mir, I would love to win this! I love to dance, but can promise you I will not be doing this in front of small children. Wouldn’t want to scare them (or scar them . . .). And, you’re pretty!

  3. pretty ! i love to dance!

  4. Ack! My kids would love this! Promise I won’t send you hate mail….

  5. This looks great!

  6. Pick me!

  7. Sounds like fun!

  8. This would be awesome! I totally will NOT complain!

  9. Just in time to start my workout routine!!

  10. sounds like fun!

  11. I’d love this! My kids and I work out every night to Just Dance, and we need more selection for sure!

  12. My 10-year-old is dying for Just Dance, but I figure all her friends have it so why get the same game? This would be terrific.

  13. Yay, we have a Wii!

  14. Sounds like something my kids could actually do without bickering!

  15. Evil, evil Christmas cookies are still hanging around…my rear end and thighs, that is. It’s also really tough to get my Asperger’s kid moving, but for some reason Wii games (especially dancey ones) work their magic on her. Especially when she’s kicking my previously mentioned (ever widening) rear end! Also. We’d love to win one of these. Beautiful, beautiful, Mir.

  16. I’m totally doing this with the 3-year-old. Because I am inappropriate.

  17. Sounds like fun to me!!

  18. The kids are addicted to Just Dance. Okay fine, I am addicted to Just Dance.

  19. oh, we’d love that. the Just Dance games have been a big hit.

    (i just re-read the rules, and your “too lazy to photoshop” line made me laugh. no kidding.)

  20. I’ve never enjoyed dancing until I brought one of the Wii dance games home from the library for the kids. I had so much fun! Heck w/the kids, I’d like this for myself! Thanks for having the contest.

  21. Have a 6 week old baby and need to focus on working out! I’d set this to shape up mode… And actually, my 17 month old son would dance with Kevin dance mode! 🙂

  22. thanks for the chance to win, mir!

  23. Please pick me these games are a great workout and alot of fun!

  24. Even my hustband, who won’t dance otherwise, would love this!!

  25. Sounds awesome – would love to win!

  26. This looks like fun!

  27. FUN! I wanna play!

  28. Dance, dance, dance!

  29. I absolutely love dancing games for the wii and have never tried this one. I must! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  30. Thanks!

  31. I would like to win this for my appropriately-aged sister!

  32. My daughter would love this, and is old enough that there would be no hate mail! 🙂

  33. Oh! Yes, please. Dancing games are my FAVORITE!!

  34. Neeto! This would be great fun for the winter doldrums we have up north here.

  35. PLEASE count me in!

  36. Would dance with young-ish kids, no hate mail from me!

  37. That looks like fun, thank you!

  38. This would be great! It looks like a lot of fun.

  39. I need to get up and dance because I sure can’t get OUT and dance.

  40. Fun! Thanks Mir!

  41. Always looking for some new games! These dance ones always seem so fun.

  42. yes, please! I’d love to embarrass my husband!!

  43. I LOVE to dance around my kitchen! We have impromptu dance parties on a regular basis.

  44. That would be fun!

  45. Looks fun!!

  46. I wanna dance!

  47. I would love to win this for my niece!

  48. Squeal! I’d love that.

  49. Too Fun! WANT!

  50. I want to boogie down!

  51. OOH this sounds fun! Especially fun to see me all fat and pregnant trying to dance like a stringbean!

  52. Looks like fun! Thanks!

  53. Fun! I’ve been using Just Dance once a week just to shake up my exercise routine but I’d love to add something new into the rotation!

  54. Count me in, thanks!

  55. My tween-ager likes Just Dance, but I think she is bored with the song selection – definitely time to mix it up a little bit!

  56. While I may not share this one with my kids, I could use a new work-out game for myself!

  57. Count me in as another one who is bored with Just Dance – I would love another new dance game for the Wii!

  58. Looks like so much fun for me and the soon to be teen. That and so I can fit in that bridesmaid’s dress in June. 🙂

  59. cool thanks!

  60. I’m always looking for games that my littles CAN’T play. (It makes me feel like I have something to myself…don’t judge me.) LOL Looks like fun!

  61. Oh, dancing is one of the best forms of exercise (unless you are observed by anyone). I would love to win this!

  62. Ooh I would love this! And if I win, I won’t play it in front of my 2 small kids 🙂

  63. This would be great fun! I know a certain tween Mom who would adore this… 🙂

  64. Finally a game that won’t require me to learn a ton of rules! This would be fun for our entire family of 6!

  65. Me, please, pretty Mir! I have some pounds that need to be danced off….

  66. I could certainly use the exercise! Thanks!

  67. Awesome – love Just Dance and this would be a bonus – although I totally fall into the “trying” to dance category 🙂

  68. Yes, PLEASE! I LOVE dancing games, and the last one I got was for the original playstation. and I still play it on that old console. I would LOVE one for my wii.

  69. My sister & I love playing the Just Dance games together & I think this one would be another hit!

  70. Let’s go. This would be great for me and the grandkids!! Thanks

  71. Embarrassing my kids? Yes to this!

  72. Oh, this would be so fun to use to embarass my daughter – uh, I mean for my daughter to have fun with her friends (please be advised that any hate mail would not be from me…I can not speak for my daughter 🙂

  73. I’d love to have one of these! I’ve been wanting to try it.

  74. Looks like fun!

  75. I like to dance!

  76. I love the Just Dance games so am excited to give this a try!

  77. Ohhh, I want! Not for anyone but me so I can get my butt up and do some excerise!!! Get into a better shape, besides round! Lol

  78. The entertainment value of this one seems to be endless! Sounds like fun!

  79. Love the wii dancing games, this one looks like a great time and workout too!

  80. We’ve been looking for a dance game…and this one is just the right price – free!

  81. We would love this! Especially my girls. Especially if they are watching me do it. 😉

  82. This sounds like a blast!

  83. Love, love, love!!!

  84. Sounds like the perfect thing that I could embarrass my son with. Also, I bet I could beat him. 😉

    Thanks Mir!

  85. We love Wii Dance Party so I think we’d love this one too!!! Pick me! 🙂

  86. Thank you!

  87. Ohhh yeah…. Fun time for Mama after the little ones are tucked in! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  88. My daughter loves Just Dance. I feel good that I get a better score than her; then again, she’s only 8. Would love to try Get Up and Dance.

  89. Oh I would so embarrass my almost 11 year old daughter. But my 8 year old son would be dancing with me.

  90. This looks like so much fun and a great way to burn off some calories on the chilly Massachusetts nights!

  91. I just want to DANCE. Seriously.

  92. PLEASE! We dance all the time. And we want a Wii Dance but haven’t been able to buy one yet.

  93. You are gorgeous!

  94. I want to win one FOR ME!

  95. So fun! I love looking like a dork!

  96. Yes–this would be a great prize.

  97. I could dig this!!

  98. Looks fun!

  99. My 13 year old can’t get enough of the dance games!

  100. These games are so much more fun than a treadmill….

  101. Yeah!!!

  102. Time to cut a rug and burn some blub. Heh.

  103. ooh, pick me please!

  104. Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me! I promise not to send you any hate mail after I play it with my kids!

  105. I would love this for my parents. Yes, my parents.

  106. My son’s birthday is Thursday. Winning this would enable me to maximize embarrassing him at his party.

  107. I’m ready to get up & dance!

  108. I need that Shape Up mode.

  109. My tween would love you and me if we won this!

  110. I need to shape up and that would be fun.

  111. If I win it for myself and I am a prude, can I send you hate mail then? ;~) Don’t worry, I’m not a prude, so I think I can handle it.

  112. Looks like some good exercise!!

  113. my kids would love this!

  114. Just worked out this morning with Just Dance games, this would be a fun addition.

  115. Dance Dance Dance

  116. This looks awesome!

  117. Having fun while getting a workout in? Sounds GREAT!!

  118. Oo, fun. Me please 🙂

  119. Hello! I hope your handy-dandy random winner picky plugin picks me!

  120. I am ready to dance!

  121. I’d appreciate a free dancing game :D.

  122. Just two adults here who’d love to try it! Although if my aunt or sister yell at me for their kids playing it, I’ll blame you. :p

  123. My loyalty and admiration should get me extra points, no?

  124. Looks like lots of fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. Ohhhh pick me. Would be a great addition to game nights! Nothing better than a bunch of grown adults pretending they know how to dance, right?!?

  126. oooh, this sounds fun. i can’t dance worth a poop.

  127. I like to dance!

  128. This would fantastic! Thanks, prettiest of all!

  129. We are Wii newbies and this looks like FUN!

  130. Thanks, Mir!

  131. This is the only way I’m going to exercise so yes, please.

  132. I want to see my husband and 6 yr old son do this!

  133. This would be awesome!

  134. Waaaaant! Pleaaaasse!

  135. If our family had this I might actually be able to lose some tummy. No more excuses.

  136. Cool Beans!!!!

  137. duh-duh-duh-dance-dance!

  138. You r awesome

  139. looks like fun!

  140. please count me in

  141. This would be awesome!!! Not sure who would like it more the kids or my husband and me.

  142. Would be nice to have a Wii game I would use!

  143. My kids would LOVE this!!

  144. Yay! Let’s dance!

  145. I love how Wii makes it possible to get exercise at the same time as playing a game! Yes, please!

  146. Forget about my kids– I’d love it just for me!! 😉

  147. Me me me! I wanna dance too!

  148. You’re so pretty and I would love this!

  149. I want to win it for my husband and I! (We’ll play it when the kids are in bed…or maybe hope they don’t understand the words? 😉

  150. Love to dance on the wii

  151. My daughter-in-law got a Wii for her birthday and I think she’d love this!

  152. Nothing but tween on up at my house. No hate mail…..nosireeeeee.

  153. Awesome, thanks!!

  154. Mir,

    You get all the cool stuff. I have a broken toe now but should have a dr. release to “Get up and Dance” by the 31st. I could really use the exercise LOL

  155. Oooh, we would love this. And I’m not concerned about the lyrics. My kids hear their Dad watch the Patriots. As my youngest, age 6, says, “Don’t worry, we already know all the swears.”

  156. I’ve been looking at dance programs!

  157. I adore your blog. It is fun to read and i’m tempted to buy stuff I don’t even need because of it. I love a deal. thanks for being there for me!

  158. This makes me want to sing that Laurie Berkner song “I really love to dance, dance, dance, dance…” which would cause my children great embarrassment. I would soothe their mortified souls with this new game! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  159. WOW! Great prize!

  160. Ooh, fun!

    Thanks, Mir!

  161. Wii! Fun!

  162. Awwww yeah! I love dancing!

  163. I want to win! I has knee surgery 5 weeks ago so I have to get back into shape, and this would help. Plus I’ve heard it’s a blast to do this with your kids!

  164. I sure could use something to get my almost-twelve-year-old moving a little more!

  165. Too fun!
    Pick me, please!

  166. I think this would be perfect for a certain young man I know.

  167. This is perfect for the family

  168. Sounds like fun!

  169. Wii dancing is good.

  170. Wii (ha ha) would love this!

  171. We play Just Dance 1,2,3 – we’re ready to try something new!!

  172. Excellent contest! Maybe this will displace the shoot em up games that are so popular with the boys in my house!

  173. I will only dance at home! I need this!

  174. So fun! Thanks, Mir!!!

  175. I promise you only age appropriate dancing.

  176. yay! the teenagers & I would have a blast!
    thanks for the fun giveaway 🙂

  177. I wanna dance!

  178. Just just jumped on the wii dancing bandwagon and LOVE IT! Thanks! Jessica

  179. OHHH that would be a big deal in this house!

  180. I am all for enbarassing my kids with my singing and dancing abilities!

  181. Oh, my tweens and I are in SERIOUS need of a family-time game! This would be awesome.

  182. That would be HUGE here!

  183. Yes, now I can show my kids my “wicked” 80’s dance moves 🙂

  184. WooHoo! Pick me!!

  185. Fun! Embarrassing my kids is just a bonus 😉

  186. Oh, I am in desperate need of new mid-winter entertainment!!

  187. Forget the kids—this one’s for me!!!

  188. OH, OH PICK ME! PICK ME! (Read as you imagine a short, over weight, graying momma who is jumping up and down like donkey on the menu page of Shrek the movie)

  189. I am in desperate need of a fun workout I can do at home!

  190. please pick me!

  191. No kiddies in my house, just me and my dorky dancing friends 🙂

  192. My daugher would LOVE this!

  193. Ooh! I want this!! Maybe I’d learn how to dance and not look like such a dork! Maybe I’m hoping for a little much….

  194. sounds like fun!!

  195. There are a bunch of people here at my house just wanting to get their dance on.

  196. Looks cool! Go go lucky number generator!

  197. I so need this! We have been scouring the web for an inexpensive copy! Free is right in my price range!

  198. I get wiped out after three songs. And my 7-year old already knows all those naughty songs from the top-40 station her bus plays (yep, music on the bus). Sign me up!

  199. this would be a welcome replacement to hearing ABBA dance (12-year old daughter’s favorite) over, and over, and over, and over ….

  200. Me! Me! Pick me!

  201. an excuse not to go to the gym? yes please!

  202. Pick me please!

  203. That and a bottle of Advil and I’ll be all set!!

  204. Ooh! This would bring on a “happy dance”!

  205. Sounds like fun!!

  206. I’ve been eyeing these dancing “games” and would love one! Thanks!

  207. My kids and I would love this to help us dance our way through the rest of winter! Thank you!

  208. My kids + Taio Cruz + Dancing = An Afternoon of Totally Awesome Fun!

  209. Oh please, please, please, pretty please, pick me! We would LOVE this!

  210. boy oh boy do we need some workouts around here!

  211. This would be great to win! Thanks, Mir, for all you do! You’ve saved me lots of money!

  212. This has my name all over it!

  213. I need the workout and this looks like fun!

  214. I could use the workout and the kids could burn some of their energy too! Win win!

  215. I’d love to win this for my daughter

  216. Pick me please! I could use a boost getting back on the exercise wagon!

  217. Would you believe my kids’ elementary school is now using Wii dance games as PE curriculum?!?! I’m officially the uncool mom because I have no earthly idea what they’re talking about (but gym days sure are happier occasions around here these days!). Would love to win this and get in on the fun!

  218. Wii can dance. & it would be such a nice change from Zelda…

  219. I just got a Wii for Christmas, and would LOVE this game!

  220. hi i’d like to win one 🙂

  221. hi i’d like to win one 🙂 thanks and good day

  222. Sorry for the duplicate post…I got an error about posting it already. o well

  223. I love Just Dance so I would be curious to try this one…

  224. Fun!

  225. #226 Now that’s my lucky number!!!

  226. This would be a hit in our house!!!

  227. Looks like fun!!

  228. I have boogie fever! And also embarrass my kids fever!

  229. I am the reigning dance champion at my house…..need….more…..dance…..games!!!!

  230. We would love this! A great way to get a little exercise with a young baby in the house (who’s too young to know how inappropriate the lyrics are)!
    Thanks for running the contest!

  231. This would be awesome!

    (Wondering if the handy-dandy random winners picky plugin has ever chosen #232)

  232. Enter me! Thanks for all the great deals!

  233. This was on my christmas list this year!

  234. Would love this. You know, for the kids (cough, cough).

  235. My tween-age niece loves these games! It gets her up off the couch and moving! That’s what we all want, right?

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