Peter Rabbit in time for Easter

By Mir
March 23, 2012

Oh, I suddenly wish my little ones were still, you know, little. Hop on over to Pottery Barn Kids today and do a search on peter rabbit to find a number of delightful mischievous-bunny-themed accessories, most on sale and with free shipping. Treat buckets! Drinking glasses! Egg shaped ornaments! So much cuteness on one page, ack.

Of course, my kids are too old for this stuff. Because they are rotten and keep growing up even though I’ve repeatedly forbidden it.


  1. The cuteness is overwhelming!

    Thanks Mir.

  2. Because of this post I discovered that the Firehouse Loft bed that my son has been coveting is half off!!! Thank you SOOO much! I am going to have one really happy birthday boy!!

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