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By Mir
April 30, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m all about the free Kindle books, and even better when it’s something I’d actually pay to read (but don’t have to). Clearly someone at Amazon was spying on my house this weekend, because today The Rules of Parenting is available for free download. The regular price is almost $20, which just goes to show you how badly children damage our brains.

Will it turn my teenager back into a human being? I don’t know yet, but I can tell you that this eye of newt is definitely not working.


  1. Thanks, I needed that.

  2. I hope there is a chapter on limiting exposure to Mindcraft over the summer months.

  3. oops. Minecraft. Although in my defense I think it is affecting his mind.

  4. A magic 8-ball might give you a better answer, Mir…. “Reply hazy, try again.”

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