Save big now, save more later

By Mir
June 5, 2012

How could I have almost missed that the big twice-a-year sale is happening now at Hanna Andersson?? It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear! When my daughter was little, she had two Hanna dresses and coordinating leggings, and they were pretty much all she ever wanted to wear. Of course, one set came from eBay and the other came from Goodwill, but she wore ’em for two years and then I resold them for more than I paid. (And then she grew up and stopped wearing adorable things like striped playdresses and oh my heart hurts, I need to go lie down.)

Anyway, the savings are spectacular right now—naturally—but even better, when you get your order, you’ll get a discount card to use on their back-to-school items in July. Maybe you won’t be back for a second order so soon, but that’s why God made grandparents.


  1. Gah! I wish I knew what I am currently incubating. While one side of me wants a boy, another side of me wants another girl so I can justify buying HA more often (I usually just buy at GW or the secondhand store). They have somehow mastered the art of indesructable clothing. With two girls, it would be easy to save all the hand me downs.

  2. The jammies are pretty much gone. Sad!

  3. Well, Curly Girl, there’s always buying ahead and then returning what you don’t want. I’ve returned things to HA several months after buying and never had any trouble. (Though check the current return policy online rather than taking my word for it.)

  4. I HATE PAYING SHIPPING!! Just had to get that out and knew you all would understand.

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