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By Mir
June 20, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know my garden is entirely organic, right? That means I do things like drown the slugs in beer and pick the tomato horn worms off my plants with chopsticks. (Not because I’m Asian or anything. Just because they squick me out and I don’t want to touch them.)

I’m pleased that I manage to keep it organic, but it also means that sometimes things die or get overrun with bugs and I’m left scratching my head. (In confusion. Not because I have bugs.)

Right now Amazon has a 2-year subscription to Organic Gardening magazine available for just $5. Are there tips in there for keeping the bugs out of your cucumbers? I certainly hope so. I’ll let you know once I get my first issue.


  1. HATE HATE HATE the Hornworms!

  2. Sweet, thanks, Mir! I’m SO ENTHUSED with my little raised beds right now, as I’m carrying my biggest mixing bowl out there every day to gather up my ripening tomatoes. And it makes me SO MAD when I find bugs on them. My organic gardening tip: the aim-n-flame. I fire those suckers when I find them on my tomatoes.

  3. Oh thank you for this one! What a fun inexpensive deal!

  4. Thanks, Mir! Terrific deal.

  5. (That second paragraph made me laugh out loud.)

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