What to wear under there

By Mir
June 21, 2012

It’s Friends and Family time at Maidenform, and when it comes to a sale, you know we’re all friends and family.

Stack coupon code SLICKFREESHIP (free shipping) with FFJUN12 (30% off) to rack up the savings, and you have the perfect excuse to throw away any undergarment whose time has passed. (Really, once the elastic is no longer, well, elastic, it’s time to say goodbye.)


  1. Wow, you completely read my mind that my unmentionables drawer was nearing a sorry state. Thanks so much for pointing this out.

  2. You know what they say…

    “semper ubi sub ubi”

    That’s “always where under where” in Latin. And that’s what you got in a 1970’s era public school Latin class when your Spanish teacher also teaches Latin and she offers no classwork for the day if someone in the class has a piece of gum.

    I can still ask if I can sharpen my pencil in French too!

    I’ve got no catchy Spanish catch-phrase in my arsenal (I just typed “arse” and started laughing. No, I am not drunk, just an overtired mother of two).

  3. Thank you. My husband thanks you as well 🙂

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